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A Guide To Using Crypto Currency Exchanges-Part 3

Invest In Bitcoin And Other Types Of Crypto Currency And Crypto Coins By Joining The BitClub Network

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Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network.

Author : Crypto Income Staff 9 January 2018

Cryptopia offers some extra layers of security such as what it calls hardware dongles. The dongles appear to be cryptocurrency hardware wallets associated with its system. Serious traders and those interested in learning more about lesser cryptocurrencies will like Cryptopia. This platform’s added features might not be of much use to casual traders. LIVECOIN.NET. LiveCoin is a more commercial coin-to-coin solution with a focus on Bitcoin. LiveCoin’s operators prefer Bitcoin as a payment method, and they even announced that they will no longer take bank transfers. The major activity at LivecCin at is Bitcoin trading including trading of Bitcoin against fiat currencies. This includes some of the lesser fiat currencies such as the Rubble. LiveCoin also offers trades in some of the popular altcoins including Einsteinium (EMC2). There are some very useful features at LiveCoin including Market Data revelations. LivecCin has a feature that tells traders which altcoins are the most pumped (bought) and dumped (sold), which can be helpful. It also tracks some very obscure cryptocurrencies such as FirstBlood. Another advantage to LiveCoin is that its team tracks changes to cryptocurrencies and will keep users informed of them through its LiveCoin News feature.

This includes the changes to the structure of cryptocurrencies. That indicates LiveCoin is researching cryptocurrencies for due diligence. LiveCoin News is also useful for people who just want to keep up with changes in the ICO market. That makes LiveCoin an excellent research tool as a well as an exchange. Persons who are looking for a professional trading venue for cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens would be well served by LiveCoin. Those seeking information about altcoins can also be helped by LiveCoin. ETHERDELTA. EtherDelta has been attracting a lot of attention lately because it is a trading venue for Ethereum and ERC20 (Ethereum-based) cryptocurrencies. The drawback to EtherDelta is that it is a totally do-it-yourself trading platform. If you trade at EtherDelta at you will be completely on your own. That makes it a good resource for highly-experienced traders and seasoned cryptocurrency geeks. Everybody else should probably look elsewhere. EtherDelta is a great place to view new ERC20 ICOs and to keep track of them. It is a totally Ether-based trading platform, which means Bitcoin and other non-Ethereum cryptocurrencies are not welcome. EtherDelta itself is planning to generate its own token and conduct an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO).

All of this makes EtherDelta a trading platform for serious Ethereum geeks. Everybody else should use it only to research ERC20 tokens and ICOs. EtherDelta is a great place to learn the prices of ICO altcoins – if they are ERCO20 tokens. Note, the original ownership for ED has changed and the new owners are shit. ED is dying and they have been hacked several times in the past month. I no longer trust them or recommend peoiple use ED. So beware. HOW TO USE COIN-TO-COIN EXCHANGES. Coin-to-coin exchanges are a valuable resource for cryptocurrency investors and traders. In addition to offering more advanced trading opportunities, some of these exchanges are sources of information you will not find anywhere else. A great use for coin-to-coin exchanges is to learn the Coin Price, Market Volume, and other characteristics of altcoins. Another is to determine if people are really trading a cryptocurrency. Coin-to-coin platforms can serve as a great fraud detector because you can use them to spot pump and dump at and other scams. Even if they do not trade on them, all cryptocurrency traders and investors should research coin-to-coin changes and how they work. These decentralized trading platforms can be a valuable resource and a great source of information that cannot be found anywhere else.

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