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Bitcoin Basics 101-Part 3

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Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network and Markethive.

Author : Bitcoins Basics 101 PDF Ebook by DAVID DODGE and BRIAN DIXON

HOW DOES BITCOIN WORK? The Basics You Need to Understand. Let's start by looking at the different things you need to get a cryptocurrency working. We'll start with the basics and then move into more specifics about what you'll need to get started. The Transaction -­ The first thing you need to think about with a virtual currency is the transaction -­ the actual exchange of value from one person to another. While this may sound simple, in many ways it can be easy to forge a transaction to try to cheat the system. With physical currency, transactions are controlled by banking institutions which verify that they're not forged and are unique. A Serial Number -­ To avoid people trying to forge transactions or reuse them with virtual currency, you need a way to tie a unique serial number to each person and each transaction as well. Bitcoin does this by using a private and public encrypted key. These hashes are used to make sure transactions aren't duplicated in the network and there's no way to cheat the system. Goodbye Banks -­ Currently, banks are in place to facilitate a financial transaction between two people. When Bitcoin was being set-­up, it was realized that banks could be taken out of the picture entirely if a peer-­to-­peer network was created to verify the transactions between two entities. This decentralization of financial transactions is one of the biggest reasons so many smart people are getting excited about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining -­ Another piece is needed to make Bitcoin work. If it's too easy for transactions to be validated, people could program bots to flood the network with verifications, making it difficult to actually verify the transaction. To combat this, the idea is to make it computationally difficult to verify the transaction. This helps fight against the bad guys while at the same time offering a way to reward people who give up computing power to verify the transaction. The computational puzzle has to be difficult enough to make it impossible to hack while easy enough to still allow people to solve in a reasonable amount of time. So, when you set-­up a Bitcoin Wallet -­ aka a Bitcoin client -­ you will generate a public and private key that is unique to you. This is used to transfer bitcoins to you as well as allow you to transfer bitcoins to other people in the network. After your Bitcoin Wallet is installed and running, you can create a Bitcoin Address if you want to receive BTC from someone else on the network. At the same time, you can use another Bitcoin address generated in order to pay for goods or services. The next step is a transaction being generated when the actual swapping of BTC occurs between a buyer and seller. This is added to the block chain where others will verify the transaction (by solving the math problem) and then publish details of the transaction publicly.

HOW TO OBTAIN BITCOIN. Understanding how Bitcoin works may be interesting to some, but you're probably wanting to know how you can acquire some bitcoins of your own. There are actually a few ways you can legally get bitcoins -­ no matter where you live in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection and the Bitcoin software installed, you're going to be able to begin using this virtual currency. The best news is that it's actually fairly easy to begin to build up your Bitcoin Wallet. if you have a little spare time. First, it should be noted that it's really difficult to purchase bitcoins with a credit card or PayPal account. This may seem odd at first, but if you think about it this makes sense. It's really easy to issue a chargeback on a credit card. If someone buys BTC with a credit card and then reverses the charge, it's really tough to prove to the credit card companies that the exchange really happened. Because of this, most major Bitcoin xchanges do not allow you to purchase BTC with a credit card or PayPal account. Okay, with that aside, let's dive in and look at the exact steps you're going to need to take in order to start amassing BTC of your own. It's important to remember that the value of one BTC is very volatile right now, so you probably don't want to invest everything you have in this virtual currency. At the same time, the popularity of Bitcoin is growing throughout the world and some people are already getting rich by building up large piles of bitcoins virtually via means and method we'll describe below.

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