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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Chats About - What Is SEO Part 4

Let me give you an example to make the picture real clear for you. I heard of a person that was picking up the routine of how to practice search engine optimization the effective, efficient and correct way. He went to post content at the article submission company on the internet known as 'Ezine Articles'.

He had copied and pasted an article from another source, exactly, as an exact duplicate without any changes, placed his name on it and submitted it to Ezine Articles on the internet. A few days later he received an email from the owner/manger of Ezine Articles informing this person that they had received the exact same article, word for word, before on the Ezine Articles submission website.

So he suspended this person's account with Ezine Articles and that person was not allowed to post to Ezine Articles ever again. This was a real time example and is no 'fly by night' theory. So they banned him from the system. So this is the reality that you are looking at if you want to become a good search engine optimization SEO services specialist, promoting websites for other people.

Alternatively, to learn and then practice search engine optimization for your self and your business website or personal website. When you build a website, you put the best relevant original information in that website that you are promoting. Google will reward you for your efforts and applying this correct way of promoting or advertising your website to receive traffic using ethical search engine optimization techniques.

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