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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Chats On - What Is SEO Part 5

Conversely, you incorrectly and intentionally use the 'copy and paste' method as a search engine optimization SEO specialist technique to achieve first page ranking in Google, then Google will identify that immediately and ban you. You will not get anywhere as a search engine optimization SEO services specialist and your website will not be ranked anywhere near the top of the Google search engine if you try and 'copy and paste' your way in search engine optimization.

An interesting test by one of the Veretekk SEO trainers was done on Veretekk. Many people miss the true power of Veretekk and the immensely powerful system they have in front of them for a measly $41.95 per month. In Veretekk you have over twenty three portals and the number keeps growing, which are websites that you can transform into the most powerful website promotion or website advertising search engine optimization systems to get traffic on the internet.

Veretekk is a fantastic search engine optimization tool. You have over twenty portals with each portal or website having five links on them. This gives you many links that you use to 'back link' and point to your business opportunity to promote, market and advertise. Back linking is a critical part of search engine optimization. By taking full advantage of those links you can setup for yourself an enormous web of 'back links' pointing to your opportunity. What that will do for you through the process of natural organic search engine positioning will be beneficial to your business. I know this search engine optimization technique works because this is how I get positioning on the Google Search Engine.

I don't use Google Ad words or 'Black Hat' search engine optimization to promote and market my website or my clients' websites on the Google search engine. I use the process of organic positioning. As an example of the success I have had with Veretekk. At one stage I had the first 20 positions on the first two pages filled with my Veretekk affiliate site for the keywords and keyword phrase 'free high quality email leads'.

Click on this link What Is SEO to learn more about this topic.

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