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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Clarifies - What Is SEO Part 6

I used the basic keywords in my title tag, meta tag and content in each of the portals for that gold system and 'swarmed' that gold system of mine as well. The search engine optimization 'swarming' technique used for Veretekk portals will be discussed at a later date. That is all I did to promote my Veretekk Affiliate portal.

This proves to you that you have the capability in the Veretekk system and portals or websites to place them on the first page of the Google search engine with ease. Remember, keywords in search engine optimization are the foundation to success in SEO and achieving first page ranking in Google. Keywords used in the title of your website are critical to it being placed on the first page of Google.

The more effective your title is, from a keyword content standpoint and a search engine optimization standpoint, in your Veretekk portals and obviously for any external business or personal website, will determine the category and the subsequent first page ranking that you will achieve in Google. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of keywords and keyword phrases in search engine optimization.

Use your Veretekk system to 'Brand' yourself on the internet as a search engine optimization services specialist or as an expert in whatever service you are offering. Make sure that you use your name, say your Christian name and surname, in your website and definitely in the title of your website. Also include it in the content within your website as well. This is a vital component of search engine optimization.


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