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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Converses On - What Is SEO Part 7

The internet is all about YOU. It is about YOU creating unique back links pointing back to you and your website and business opportunity and services. Again, this is crucial to search engine optimization effectiveness. People are more prone to do business with an individual than with a company. So you have to brand yourself as an individual on the internet and this takes consistent effort from you. This is not going to happen overnight. search engine optimization takes TIME and consistent WORK.

Effective search engine optimization takes consistent effort discipline and perseverance. So, the key is all about you. Take your Veretekk systems, go to all the training and learn how you can configure each portal and the links to take maximum advantage of the powerful search engine optimization results that this will have for you and your own business outside Veretekk. You can mould the Veretekk portals/websites to suit you.

Ok, let's get to the basics and fundamentals of starting an effective search engine optimization campaign in order to market, promote and advertise your business or personal website on the internet. You must firstly purchase a domain name. What is a domain? A domain is the name of your website. Access a company on the internet that sells domain names. They are cheap. You must use relevant focussed keywords in that domain name to be more effective from a search engine optimization stand point.

Simply stated, you must ensure that the words you choose, to make the domain or title of your website, are the keywords and phrases that you will use to promote and market your website, when you eventually create posts. This is a critical step in the foundation of search engine optimization to promote your website.

Click on this link What Is SEO to learn more about this topic.

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