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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Conveys Advice On - What Is SEO Part 9

If you are in an MLM company or in some type of services organisation or a health product company or a company involved in those types of products, you need to answer one search engine optimization question for yourself. What distinguishes you and your company self replicated website from all the other millions of companies and their self replicated websites on the internet?

What makes you think that your self replicated website is any different to those other companies? The answer is NOTHING! You need to know this fact as part of your search engine optimization marketing campaign. Nothing makes you any different to any of those websites on the internet.

As much as I appreciate Veretekk and what it stands for and the immeasurable ways that it has helped me with my new search engine optimization career and in many other areas, you need to create your own individual unique website for yourself that is different to anything else on the internet. Then apply the search engine optimization techniques that I am teaching you. Let me emphasise that I am not a Webmaster. Let me repeat that, I am not a Webmaster.

I am definitely not knowledgeable and experienced enough to be classed as a Webmaster. I am a marketer and promoter of websites on the internet and I use search engine optimization techniques that I have learnt, had experience with to promote and market business and personal websites on the internet. I am a search engine optimization SEO services specialist which is completely different to the knowledge and skills needed to be a Webmaster.

Click on this link What Is SEO to learn more about this topic.

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