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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Conveys Facts On - What Is SEO Part 11

People are not interested in all the advertising hype that is present on the internet. They are interested in contacting an honest and sincere person and initiating an honest and sincere business relationship with a person who can help them improve their business. Marketing is showing people benefits and services that will improve THEIR business NOT YOURS. Advertising is more selfish in that improves the advertiser's business more than it does the subscriber's business. This is the huge difference between advertising and marketing.

RSS feeds on a website are extremely powerful, from a search engine optimization point of view, because they are always being updated automatically with new keyword rich content and that is what the spiders like. This results in your website being ranked higher on the search engines. So let’s discuss the power of RSS feeds as a search engine optimization technique. There is a blog system that has been created by Tom and Mike on Veretekk called BlogFather. This is a blog system that anybody can signup for at no cost.

Blogging is an essential and critical part of search engine optimization to create unique content, every day, pointing to the website that you want to get to the first page of the search engines. You can setup an RSS feed from your BlogFather in Veretekk onto all your websites and in all of your Veretekk systems.

Why is that important for you from a search engine optimization viewpoint? You never want to have a static website. If your website remains static on the internet you will be at a disadvantage right from the moment you place it on the internet. A static website or a self replicated website, both are the same, where the members of that website's program don't now enough about search engine optimization will probably not make many changes to the website.

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