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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Conveys Info About - What Is SEO Part 12

So what happens after a period of time, from a search engine optimization angle, is that the search engine spider/s come and index that website, say every twenty six to thirty days. Every time those spiders come and index that website, they will find that no change in content has been made on the website. Making no content changes on a regular basis to your website is committing search engine optimization suicide. So, the spiders see that website as dead. Eventually those spiders will fly past that website and ignore it, as the content never changes on it. That search engine could also knock that website off the internet completely.

If you have watched the Google search engine really closely you will have noticed that they go through a house cleaning process all the time. If your websites are dead, they will be dropped off the index spider list and that is again, search engine optimization suicide. You will think it is live, but it is not. The aspect to remember here is to always change the content of your website.

RSS feeds do that. So from a search engine optimization stand point go and grab the RSS feed from BlogFather in the Veretekk system and place it on your websites. However, placing an RSS feed in a website is not the only key. As a search engine optimization SEO services specialist I know that you have to consistently post to your blog day in and day out, without fail.

The content you create for your posts must be SEO friendly in that it must be good original content and keyword focussed. From a search engine optimization stance these keywords and keyword phrases must be in the title and content of all your posts. If you have a BlogFather RSS feed on your website and you are not posting to that Blog every day, you are not changing the content on the website.

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