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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Delivers Facts On - What Is SEO Part 15

This is a very good keyword selector tool specifically designed for search engine optimization. Use it to capture your keywords and keyword phrases to point to your website when people use them in their searches. This will be focused search engine optimization and will reduce the time it will take you, dramatically, to get first page ranking on the Google search engine for your website.

Don't think that you know what a good keyword is, because you don't. When you first begin your search engine optimization campaign you need to go after a relatively small keyword category. A relatively small search result on the Google search engine would be one to ten millions results for a keyword or keyword phrase search.

From a search engine optimization approach you wouldn't want to choose 'home based business' and hope to get first page ranking and maintain it there. That would take you at least six months of continuous search engine optimization focussed work. You need to follow the following search engine optimization procedure when conducting a search engine optimization marketing campaign if you want to be effective and successful.

Access the keyword selector tool Find the relevant keyword term or phrase that you want placed on the first page of the Google search engine. Then start writing press releases at or at the other press release services that I have already mentioned, using fresh keyword rich focussed specific content. One thing that I have noticed from a search engine optimization outlook is that people will use press releases to advertise their business, product, service or opportunity.

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