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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Discusses - What Is SEO Part 1

What is this thing called search engine optimization. I like to think of search engine optimization as an art. It is actually an art form in the purest sense of the word. What I do as a search engine optimization services specialist is to promote business websites or any website, for that matter, to the first page of the Google search engine only.

I first choose a keyword specific domain and then I will build a website and create the content including those specific keywords and keyword phrases. The next step in the search engine optimization process is then to go about the process of creating unique links that point back to that website. These unique links pointing back to the website are called 'back links'.

search engine optimization is really as simple as that and in the same breath as complicated as that as well. There are no short cuts in search engine optimization. This forms part of my marketing routine as a search engine optimization services specialist that I discipline myself to do every day.

As you might not have a real clear vision on what to do when applying search engine optimization techniques to your business website in order to market it, I will explain how to do it over the next few days, weeks, months, years through this posted information. I will also explain and point out the benefits of Veretekk which is a very powerful system to boost and help your search engine optimization efforts.

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