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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Examines - What Is SEO Part 22


What you want to do in an Ezine article and a press release as well, is to make sure that the title of your articles are keyword rich and specifically focused on the category you want your website to land on in the Google search engine. Your website title is extremely important in the search engine optimization process. So the more keyword specific that you are in your press release and in your articles titles and content of course, the more accurate you will be with your website landing in the appropriate search categories that you want it to land in. From a search engine optimization position, the title of your press release and Ezine article will determine to a large extent the category that your website will land in on the Google search engine. Be aware of the minimum number of words required in all your articles, requested by the article submission company that you subscribe to.

How do you write search engine optimized content? Write like you talk. Straight forward, simple, clear and ‘easy to understand’ content. No fancy highly complex words where the reader has to look up the meanings in a dictionary. Write like a human being and not like a dictionary. So, let me summarize the basic yet crucially important steps to follow in a search engine optimization campaign.

SEO One. Don't try and promote an affiliate website given to you by your "opportunity" company because it won't work and your search engine optimization efforts won’t be effective with it. SEO Two. Buy yourself a good domain name that includes the main keywords of your opportunity that you are marketing. SEO Three. Start branding yourself by placing your name on everything you write. SEO Four. Build a website. Don't build a fancy website. Use 'free page' in Veretekk to build your website, it's free. Create many of these ‘free pages’ and then daisy chain them together. Attend the 'Free Page' training sessions in the Veretekk system to learn how to do this and also the 'Linking' training.

SEO Five. Write press releases. Make sure you join a good press release company like Use your press releases as announcements of your company and website and not as an advertisement. After you have written any articles from any submission program, take the unique link created by each article and manually submit it to the Google search engine. SEO Six. Get out of the 'advertising syndrome' as advertising on the internet has been practised to death and it no longer works. Provide people with good information that can help them solve problems and challenges in their businesses. SEO Seven. Back your press releases up or follow up your press releases with Ezine articles. Posts press releases and articles every day for the rest of your life.

Click on this link What Is SEO to learn more about this topic.

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