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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Gives Advice On - What Is SEO Part 23

SEO Eight. Start a blog at or and post to that blog every day for the rest of your life. SEO Nine. Obtain RSS feeds for continuous live updated content change and place them on the websites that you build. That’s the summary of effective and successful basic yet critically important search engine optimization techniques. You will be amazed at your progress as a search engine optimization services specialist or practitioner. This won't happen instantly but after a few months you will realise for yourself, practically, that what I have taught and will teach you, WORKS.

If you are have recently lost your conventional job due to retrenchment, ill health or for any other reason, you can learn the art of search engine optimization and use that skill to create an income for yourself online. You can then create and maintain first page rankings for websites of people and clients that you negotiate with. These people will then pay you a fee to do this for them.

Negotiate through meetings and interviews and initiate SEO contracts with these people and you have a work at home business that is very lucrative and will pay the bills. Working on the internet is a great way to live. The great thing that you will find about an internet career is that there is an unlimited untapped resource that you and anybody can utilise to your and their benefit.

If you had one hundred million people who were all full time professional search engine optimization services specialists helping to promote and market other peoples or clients websites on the internet, it would still be a wide open career and there would still be sufficient work for everyone to make a good living. This is the great part about you becoming a professional SEO specialist.

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