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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Gives Facts On - What Is SEO Part 25

How do you get the search term 'leads' to the first page of Google? It is not a great secret. It is not a mystery. It is an art to get it here. You will have to work at this art to perfect it as much as possible and to be successful using it. This is not something that will just pop up automatically without you putting effort into it to make sure that it works.

How many people have bought a software program that promised to do everything for them? Promises like 'we will drive motivated traffic to your website', 'you do not have to do a single thing, we will do it all for you', 'just pay the $300 and you will get instantaneous traffic to your website'. How many people have fallen for all that rubbish? The answer is many. How many people have fallen for the line 'we will get you one million motivated visitors to your website for $29.95’? Any person or company that makes exaggerated claims like that need to be severely punished because these types of people are nothing but 'hype'.

While we are on the topic of 'hype' you need to be aware about the 'hype' around the keyword term or phrase "search engine optimization”. Do you realise that there are so many so called search engine optimization companies and individuals on the internet and off line that are charging good people incredible amounts of money and providing absolutely no service. As an example, there has been a person who paid a company $18000 to market two websites for him on the internet.

This company promised him that they would get a massive amount of people coming to his business as a result of them marketing his website online. This company did not provide a detailed step by step procedure of how they were going to achieve that goal. The company stated that they were 'just going to do it'. You need to know what questions to ask an individual or company claiming to be search engine optimization specialists.

Click on this link What Is SEO to learn more about this topic.

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