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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Gives Specifics About - What Is SEO Part 27

Another powerful SEO technique as mentioned before are RSS feeds. If you are not placing RSS feeds on your website, obviously choose feeds from all over the internet that discuss the same content as your website, then you need to do so. RSS feeds can place you in so many different categories just by being on your webpage or website. These RSS feeds are so absolutely powerful that there is no telling or prediction where they will place your website. That is what you want to achieve. You want to have your website or the posts about your website, placed in all sorts of different categories on the internet for people to access your link and to then be exposed to the information about your business, product and or service.

The best way to create a powerful RSS feed is to sing up or join a professional and reputable free blogging service. Then use the RSS feed that the company automatically creates for your content and your blog and then place that RSS feed on your website. Remember to keep posting to your blog in order to have unique content always being shown through the related RSS feed on your website.

Why does search engine optimization work. There is only one thing or reason as to why SEO works. Great keyword specific original content headed by the same keyword specific titles. If you are going to market goods and services on the internet (note the word 'market' not advertise), it does not matter what these products services or goods are, you need to give people solutions to their business problems by showing them that by using your business services and products it will produce those benefits and solutions for them.

The point here is that you have got to write if you want to market your business on the internet. If you do not know how to write you need to learn. So how do you learn how to write? It is very simple. Talk into a microphone, record it, then as you listen to your recording you write your words down. Write like you speak. The more that you write the easier it becomes and then you can write even more and your style of writing improves.

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