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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Gives Specifics On - What Is SEO Part 28

Do not put on airs and graces. Do not write that you are an expert when you are not. When you do become an expert in your chosen field then you can write and inform people about it. Keep your writing simple, honest, sincere and direct and people will trust you and therefore do business with you. Once you start appearing on the internet because of your writing and you start achieving first page ranking on the search engines and achieve notoriety, then you have accomplished 'bragging' rights. Write and tell people about your notoriety achievements.

This is important and you should do this because you have reached the point where you are on the crest of the wave of becoming a successful internet business person. This point of search engine optimization and the key to effective SEO is writing great content. Nothing more and nothing less. However do not make the mistake of grabbing other peoples content, word for word, 'copying and pasting' it and then authorising it or passing it off as your own content, giving no credit or reference in that post to the real author.

Copying and pasting other authors work is identified immediately by all search engines and you will then be banned from the search engines. This means that the search engine spiders will not visit any of your content again and it will take a long time for you to get back onto the search engines. The whole point of SEO is to get top search engine rankings, especially on Google, for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. It is all about a person searching for information on the internet by using the search box in a search engine.

They type in the keyword or keyword phrase that you have also researched and found to be popular. The person opens up the search engine which always exposes the first page and there in front of them is your title containing the keywords of your content which will point to your website. The person clicks on it, reads it because it is good original, non advertising benefit focussed value driven information and you have a great chance of that person signing up into your business to buy your product or service.

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