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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Advice About - What Is SEO Part 29

How do you keep people interested and to keep reading your information? You have to provide them with benefits and solutions to their business related challenges by ensuring or proving to them that your product and or service will provide them with those benefits and or solutions. You need to give people something of value for them to take a look at. If your content is a bunch of 'hype' with no value, people will click off your website and look elsewhere on the internet for that value.

Use autoresponders to ensure people receive updated value driven content once they show interest in signing up in your business or using your products and or services. Autoresponders have the potential to make you a lot of money if you set them up using the correct SEO based principles already explained as your foundation.

When you first starting building search engine optimised websites you probably think that they need to be flashy and contain all sorts of little gimmicks. In all actuality they do not. The most effective and successful websites that you can create and place on the internet are those that only contain content. That is all. People are looking for content that provides them with information of value that will improve their business. They are not interested or look for fancy flashes or pretty websites.

This is the reason why blogs are so powerful. They are full of content. Remember SEO is not about making sales. It is about getting first page positions for your website on the search engines and then getting the traffic to related websites as a result of people searching and finding your website or post containing your website, clicking on it and eventually joining your business and buying your product or service.

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