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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Facts About - What Is SEO Part 31

Markethive is all about running your business the correct and ethical way. Tom Prendergast stands for doing business the right way. I have learnt all my SEO skills and techniques from Markethive and I also stand for doing SEO the right way. I teach people how I was taught to do SEO and how I actually apply SEO every day for myself and my clients. I am not here to take your money, I am here to get you results which is creating and maintaining a first page ranking for your business website on the Google search engine. I am not here to make you sales but I will get you results on the search engines.

It is necessary at this stage to re-emphasize and point out the importance of search engine optimization by discussing the following aspects which are, what is SEO, what it can do for your business (here I will give some examples of some prime search engine optimization SEO projects that are taking place on the internet and making many people a lot of money) and is search engine optimization SEO a valid professional career to pursue.

Search engine traffic or traffic on high traffic keyword areas is essential to your business. To understand the validity of the term SEO you will need to type certain keywords into the Google search box. Let us type in the keywords "home interiors and gifts". This keyword phrase is actually quite heavily searched on the search engines. If you scroll down the page results for this keyword phrase you will see the 4th result with a title tag of ‘Home Interiors and Gifts-Debbie Hamilton’.

Let me explain how this position was achieved by an experienced search engine optimization SEO services specialist. On the Home Interiors and Gifts website belonging to Debbie Hamilton she had the capability of buying the website for about $20 a month. When buying that website she gets to pick her own sub directory name. Debbie then approached a professional credited experienced search engine optimization SEO services specialist for some advice and help.

Click on this link What Is SEO to learn more about this topic.

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