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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Facts On - What Is SEO Part 32

She wanted to know what name or title to give her website that she purchased. She thought that her name ‘Debbie Hamilton’ would be a good keyword phrase for the title of her website. Well it's a great name but as far as the search engines are concerned, it means nothing and is totally ineffective from a search engine ranking of her website. So what do you think the search engine optimization SEO services specialist called the sub-directory for Debbie's website?

You can choose any sub-directory that is available. How about 'Home Interiors’. That is what was chosen. However, you cannot promote home interiors with article submissions, forum posts, blog posts, press releases or with any content submission service, as it is totally against their policy and procedures. Nevertheless, since Debbie bought the website from Home Interiors and had the option to tag that sub directory, the search engine optimization SEO services specialist tagged it "Home Interiors".

So guess what happened. The search engine optimization SEO specialist created a re-direct and masked the domain '' to the title "Home Interiors and Gifts" and within a week of doing this and manually submitting it to the search engines, the title tag popped up on the first page of the Google search engine, for this keyword term "Home Interiors and Gifts". Now this is interesting because this is a very successful website.

When you begin to look at the way to effectively approach website construction on the internet and to get first page ranking on the search engines you will realise that by choosing the correct keywords and title and by tagging the title and domain correctly you will succeed in getting those results. If you build a good keyword specific website you may not have to promote that website at all from a search engine optimization SEO viewpoint.

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