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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Info About - What Is SEO Part 33

Websites have been built by experienced search engine optimization SEO services specialists where all they did was to be very aware of the Title, Meta Tag Description, Keywords and Keyword Phrases and relevant and Original Content. These factors together are the key to successful, effective and efficient search engine optimization and they will achieve high ranking on the search engines. This approach is essential to promoting your website on the internet. It is that simple.

If you choose a great keyword specific title and a good specific Meta tag description of about one to two sentences, describing the title and the content of your website and you pick highly popular effective keywords and keyword phrases and you write good keyword specific articles and posts promoting your website, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you WILL succeed. Your website will eventually surface to the top of that keyword category on the search engines.

How long will it take before it gets to the top? How much effort and work will you need to put in to get that top position? This will depend on the quality of the content you have in your website and the content you write and place in your related articles, blog posts, forum posts and press release submission posts that promote your website. The quality of the content that you write is what gets you top positions on the search engines.

For example. Take ten websites that have been built by different people. All ten websites would eventually land up in ten different keyword categories, even if all ten people were chasing after the same keywords, keyword phrases and keyword category. Why? People do not pay attention to the specific ways to get top positions on the search engines on the internet. By emphasising the correct title, Meta tag description and keywords it sounds really simple to achieve.

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