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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Info On - What Is SEO Part 34

Actually, it is very simple but you need to place that good original effective keyword specific content on that website, otherwise you do not stand a chance of achieving top ranked positions on the search engines. That's the whole key. Pay attention to the details when marketing effectively on the internet. The way to look at the internet is to study presentations and websites and to realise that it is nothing more than submitting keyword specific articles. This is what a website is.

A website is a keyword specific article promoting and marketing a product or service. You need to cultivate the mentality of becoming a "Spider Food Writer". Become a 'spider writer'. Everything you study and everything that you research as far as gaining top search engine positions is all dependent directly upon the quality of the content that you write. You can take a domain that is totally irrelevant and put that website at the top of a keyword category anywhere if that domain has "aged".

If you have a domain that is at least 6 months to a year old or older you can literally take that domain and you can work to place that website at the top of any keyword category that you want. Initially when you buy a domain you want to be keyword specific to the product that your website will promote market and sell. Once those or your domain begins the aging process, which usually takes 6 months to one year, you can put them at the top of any keyword category that you want.

So it is a blending of the choice of domain as well as the keyword category that you are going after. For example. If you are promoting a 'free marketing system' then look for and buy a domain name that is ''. RSS feeds need not be keyword rich though. I have a blog that I use for any topic or content. The content of the posts in my blog are not the same as the title of my blog. Any search engine optimization SEO client that I have, I write specific keyword rich content for that client and I place it in my blog.

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