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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Particulars About - What Is SEO Part 35

Blogs are more powerful if you continuously have content coming into them, irrespective of the subject of the content. So the whole concept of RSS feeds is not driven by keyword specificity because it is driven by the volume of content coming into that blog or submission service (e.g. a forum). I might put a blog link or a blog feeder reader on a website that has nothing to do with the subject content of the website. This doesn’t matter because the RSS feed still changes the content on that website from a Spider's point of view.

That's what counts, do what the search engine spiders like. The spiders are looking for a change in content irrespective of the subject of the content. So don’t be concerned about the subject that the RSS feed is updating, just make sure that the submission service that the RSS feed is pointing to is always receiving more content volume all the time and then place that RSS feed on any website you like.

The more that I study, research, test and observe SEO on the internet the more it leads me to believe that marketing effectively to the search engines is very easy. However, most people are not willing to write the content to achieve SEO success. Many people assimilate the search engine optimization SEO knowledge in their minds but they lack dramatically the actual work or process of putting the knowledge into motion through action.

As a professional search engine optimization SEO services specialist I can place all my knowledge on the internet, like I am doing now with this content but until people realise that they need to make the conscious decision to begin the process by taking action, all this information and training is totally wasted. I see most people in training classes, I am referring to the Markethive VereConference training classes, have a tendency to join the training and then turn on the recording of the class and then walk away.

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