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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Particulars On - What Is SEO Part 36

They come back when it is over, stop the recording and then never listen, learn or apply what the training has taught them. They don’t take action. This same observation applies to most people on the internet as well. They get ready to get ready. This is a tendency throughout the Internet Marketing, MLM and Network Marketing Industry. People are planning to plan, to get ready to plan, but never get off their backsides and take proper action.

I know of a person that stated that they were working very hard to promote their website. So I asked the person for an example of what they were doing to promote and market their website. They said they were posting to Craig's List every day. Ok, that is effective. I asked if the person was posting keyword specific ads or were they just posting a "bunch of stuff" out onto the internet. The person stated that they did not know what a keyword specific ad was.

I asked if they had their own blog that they were also posting to on a regular basis. The answer was no, they didn’t have a blog, but they were intending to setup a blog soon. I asked if they had written any press releases promoting their website. The answer was no, they were also planning on doing that soon. So in fact many months had gone by and this person had done nothing. Action taken on the internet is positive from a search engine optimization SEO standpoint.

No action leads to no productivity and no results. You can build a website that is not constructed properly and does not have the correct elements in it. However, if you have a good idea of what you are doing you will end up marketing that website correctly from a search engine optimization SEO point of view. There is one fact for sure, if you do nothing, you will achieve nothing. There are many people who think that they cannot write good content.

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