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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Specifics About - What Is SEO Part 37

If you are afraid to write content because you are afraid that people will see what you are doing and that will embarrass you, I have a way for you to solve this misconception. Can you talk? Of course you can talk! Can you talk about your product or service? Buy a recorder, push the recording button on, talk about your product and or service, stop the recording when you are finished, play it back and write or transcript exactly what you talked about. You now have your written content.

If you have the thought and idea of what you want to do and you can talk about it, then you can write it down to create good content. So to answer the question about whether search engine optimization SEO is a valid professional career to pursue and whether successful marketing on the internet is possible? Is search engine optimization SEO something that can be learnt? Can you apply SEO to your own business effectively and successfully in the internet and make money doing this? The answer is a loud YES!

However, the key to this search engine optimization SEO success is to use the correct title, Meta tag description, popular focused keywords and keyword phrases and relevant and original content. Content is king on Google. You need to build your websites, build your blogs and build your forums, applying all these search engine optimization SEO aspects detailed above. Basically, to gain top positions on the search engines, you want to move away from your human way of thinking.

You need to start thinking in keywords, only. Thinking in keyword specific content. A Meta tag description consists of a one or two keyword sentence that describes, in a keyword specific fashion, what your title and website is about. You also need to capitalize and use the correct punctuation in a Meta tag description. Quality content is showing people value and benefits of your product and or service. Also showing them that as a result of them purchasing your product and or service they will possess the solution to their existing and future business difficulties.

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