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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Has Specifics On - What Is SEO Part 38


For example, if you were to write an article about business coaching and mentoring. An example of writing good quality content for this business coaching and mentoring in a post would be as follows; "The business coaching and mentoring that Joe Soap provides in the ABC Internet Marketing System leads to increased success in a home business on Google." In this Meta tag description I have the keywords or keyword phrase "business coaching and mentoring" in the first part of the Meta tag content.

Then I mention the person's name "Joe Soap". The last part of the Meta tag content states "success in a home business on Google". Always mention Google in your Meta tag description, in your keywords and in your content. This is very powerful because the Google spiders like to see their name. The keywords and keyword phrases that I would choose would therefore be as follows; 'business coaching and mentoring', 'business coaching', 'business sales training' and so on.

Keep in mind that when you are presenting your keywords and keyword phrases on the internet, that the search engine spiders will not go deeper than the first three keywords at the start of your keyword listing sentence. That is a general rule but there is always the possibility that the search engine spiders will go deeper than the first three words. So always make your power keywords the first three words in the sentence that lists your keywords.

You can have many keywords and phrases after the first three but the power keywords must be at the start of that sentence. When you are using these keywords you also want to always use your name as a keyword or keyword phrases as well. Always put your tag in as well. The Title, Meta tag description, keywords and keyword phrases and keyword specific content is applied when constructing the website in the back end section of your website.

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