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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Provides Facts About - What Is Website SEO Part 3


Many people don't know what their program is about. This is internet marketing and search engine optimization suicide. Do your research thoroughly before and after you join a program and stay up to date with all related changes. SEO Three. Once you have decided on the keywords and keywords phrases to use, conduct a thorough research of the keywords and keyword phrases you have chosen. Here is a 'Rule Of Thumb" for keyword research in a search engine optimization marketing campaign.

Don't get too tied up with your keyword research. You can actually lose focus and not do the SEO work because you can become confused. Pick some relevant keywords and do the SEO work to start the search engine optimization process. Search engine optimization is not a complicated process and it is much easier than you think to get a first page ranking on the Google search engine. Search engine optimization requires consistency and effort and unfortunately many people just don't have the determination, perseverance and discipline to do that.

From an effective search engine optimization point of view the number of keywords in your Meta Tags should not exceed a thousand characters. The number of characters in your title is totally up to you. Most submission companies usually only permit title lengths of a maximum of one hundred characters. A hundred characters from a search engine optimization stand point can be very beneficial for you in your title because you can use many specific keywords in that title.

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