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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Provides Facts On - What Is Website SEO Part 4

As a search engine optimization services specialist I would suggest that you do one thing. Don't be as concerned with the product that the website is marketing. This applies specifically to the Markethive portals. The portals market a free service. Concentrate on how you can configure that portal from a search engine optimization angle for yourself and not to promote the portal's product. Concentrate on how you can capture keyword categories for your search engine optimization marketing campaign.

The more keyword categories that you can capture on the Google search engine and the higher traffic areas that you can get into, the better off for you, because it could result in more signups into your business which will bring you more profits. So, as an example of configuring one of your Markethive portals effectively for your search engine optimization marketing campaign for one of your won personal websites, you need to do one thing.

Access the configuration area in the portal. Choose your title for the portal and then do some testing of that title. See how popular it is as a search term in the search engines, specifically the Google search engine. Everything in search engine optimization is testing, trial and error to see what works and what doesn't. As a professional search engine optimization services specialist myself, I test a lot. I need to test to make sure that I try and stay current with how the Google search engine works.

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