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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Provides Info About - What Is Website SEO Part 5

The Google search engine is always changing and so you always need to continue testing to keep up with the changes in search engine optimization that Google creates. If you are a professional search engine optimization services specialist and your Client’s product is constantly changing then you need to inform your Client to stick to one product initially. Then make your search engine optimization campaign for that client more "horizontal" to capture more keyword areas, incorporating the other products that the Client has, as you continue with your search engine optimization campaign for that Client.

Keep in mind that you have over twenty portals in your Markethive system. Use all the portals to brand your name and yourself using all the search engine optimization techniques that I have taught you so far. Do some of your own testing and configure one traffic portal effectively from a search engine optimization perspective and place that information out onto the internet by hand submitting the portal’s url to the Google search engine.

If you configure your Markethive traffic portals properly you will get first page rankings on the Google search engine. Let’s touch on the subject of Press Releases. Join as it is an excellent free press release company. As mentioned before, the power of say forty press releases written and placed on the Google search engine for ‘spidering’ is immensely powerful. Produce forty good effective keyword specific press releases and that is basically all that you would need to do from a search engine optimization standpoint to promote your website on the internet through the Google search engine.

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