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Clyde Thorburn SEO Specialist Johannesburg Publishes Advice About - What Is Website SEO Part 9

Remember, everything you write and place onto the internet creates a link. You are adding information to a website by writing content. That content in that submission company’s service creates a link which contains the information pointing to your website. The spiders see this as direct content, as the content is discussing and promoting your website. This is critical to effective and successful search engine optimization. Hand submit that link to the Google search engine.

Every link you create you hand submit to the Google search engine and you place it in a link building site like the SEO portals in the Markethive system or in a link storing website specifically designed for link storage purposes. This then builds a huge number of back links pointing to all the websites that you are promoting. This is exactly what you want to do as a search engine optimization services specialist or practitioner. Write keyword specific titles, Meta tags and content to build links which you hand submit to the Google search engine and add to your link building site.

Remember, you don’t have to build flashy and 'eye appealing' or cosmetic websites. Websites are about producing and showing good information for your readers. That’s what they come to your website for, to obtain information. Not to join your business because you have a flashy website. This is another important search engine optimization technique to never forget. Anyhow, the Google search engine spiders don't spider the images. They look for content and links and not for "flash".

Click on this link What Is Website SEO to learn more about this topic.

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