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Creating Your Own Successful Bitcoin Business-Part 36

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Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network.

Author : My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets PDF EBook by Ofir Beigel

Step 3- In depth reviews. My guess is that you are now left with a handful of freelancers. Most of them should have some bad feedback, that’s the interesting part. Go inside each of their profiles and read their reviews. Find out why people didn’t rate them 5 stars before. This will give you a better idea of who is the best freelancer for you. VERY IMPORTANT. Sometimes projects go “bad” and things get ugly in the reviews. These reviews are extremely helpful in order to assess the freelancer’s quality. Read his feedback to these reviews and see if he just gets mad and disrespectful or does he answer in a dignified manner. You should now be able to choose your best freelancer. If you’re still debating between two or three candidates I suggest setting up a Skype interview (10 minutes max with each). Step 4 – Personal interviews (optional). When interviewing a freelancer on Skype, the idea is just to see if your prospect knows what he’s doing and that he is ready to get the job done. Remember that your prospect’s English level may not be that good so he might not feel comfortable talking to you and would prefer chatting. Personally I prefer chatting also since it’s less embracing for both sides and that is how you will correspond mainly throughout your work. The whole interview should take around 10 minutes. I usually take this time to ask the freelancer about his plans for completing this project and also add some more background questions to see that he is actually qualified.

If you are still debating between two different prospects after the interview stage it’s all about gut feeling from that point on. Remember, that no matter how thoroughly you will conduct your screening process; there is always a chance to miscalculate and choose someone who isn’t right for you. So by now you probably have chosen your freelancer, and it’s time to maintain a good working relationship with him. The problem is that most people ignore this part and don’t understand why their contractor under-delivers or doesn’t continue working with them. Your contractor will treat you the same way you treat him. You need to think of your contractor as your co-worker and not your “slave”. Just because you paid someone 5, 50 or even 500 bucks doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be treated with respect. If you’re rude, annoying or disrespectful it will come back to haunt you. And although you don’t think it affects him because he ends each sentence with “yes sir” or “thank you sir”, trust me…it does. So here are some guidelines to follow. Your contractor matches your response rate. The faster you respond to your contractor, the faster he’ll respond back. From my experience if it takes you two days to reply to a message he will be just as lazy. So make sure that even the unimportant messages get answered. Even if it’s just an “Okay” or “Thanks” – it will calibrate your contractor’s response time. Never pay all of the amount before the job is completed 100%. This is a crucial one.

Always leave some leverage on your part so the contractor doesn’t slack off. I know sometimes people want to get the payment issue out of the way so they pay early. This is just human nature. Remember, once someone reaches their goal (i.e. money), they won’t work as hard as when they’re striving for something. So always make sure to keep even a small amount that is unpaid until you’re a 100% satisfied with the job. ALWAYS pay on time. This is more of a “karma” issue, but I believe that paying on time will get freelancers wanting to work with you again. Also, if someday you will actually have an issue and won’t be able to pay on the agreed date, the freelancer may still work for you knowing that you’re good for your money. Paying on time also helps your employer score by boosting your feedback (more on this in a sec). Feedback is almost as important as money. Most professional freelancers care about their feedback almost as much as they care about getting paid. Mainly because of the fact that competition on Elance and Upwork is so fierce. This acts as another leverage point for us as employers. Always make sure to leave feedback, but always leave it only after the job is done completely. Just like paying all of the amount in advance, once the freelancer gets what he needs from you, he’s more likely to become lazy and less responsive. You get feedback too you know. Many freelance marketplaces supply employer feedback also. This is a good reason to start treating your contractors well.

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