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Creating Your Own Successful Bitcoin Business-Part 37

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Author : My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets PDF EBook by Ofir Beigel

If you have poor employer feedback it will be difficult for you to find quality freelancers. So you need to keep in mind that the following things matter for your client profile. How many jobs you’ve posted. How many job you’ve awarded (your “award ratio”). The amount of money you’ve spent on the marketplace. Number of feedbacks you’ve given. Feedbacks you’ve received. The above example was taken from Elance. Here’s an example for a written review I got from a freelancer: And here’s how a client profile looks on Upwork. As you can see, on Upwork you also get a rating as an employer. Bottom line, ethics matter, if not for karma then for you client profile. So that’s about it for working with freelancers. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how to get the freelancer you need quickly and at the lowest cost. Part III Marketing Your Bitcoin Business Like A Pro! Welcome back! I’m glad to see you’ve made it up to this point and I really appreciate you taking the time to master all of this stuff. Now we come to the actual tactics and techniques which will allow you to market your Bitcoin business like a pro. If you already own a Bitcoin business and skipped the first two parts of this book to get to this one that’s ok, most of the stuff we’ll cover here doesn’t reference much of what we’ve already talked about. Having said that I think that even if you already own a Bitcoin business you have a lot to gain from going over the first two parts (especially Part II).

This is probably the most detailed part of the book since it covers all of the main marketing tactics available online today. For each tactic we cover I will also give you specific examples from Bitcoin companies and from 99Bitcoins of course. So are you ready to get some traffic for you Bitcoin business? Let’s go. In order for us to be able to understand each other, we have to speak the same language. Just like we covered the basics of Bitcoin in the beginning of this book now we need to cover the basics of online marketing. I promise you it will be more interesting than you can imagine. First of all define your product. In order to start building a marketing plan you have to define your product using three simple questions. 1. What problem does my product solve? 2. What are its benefits? 3. What are its features? The first question should be pretty simple for you to answer if you went through Part II of this book since it should correlate with your problem assumption. I would like to take a moment and describe the difference between questions two and three, meaning what’s the difference between features and benefits. Simply put, a benefit is what the user gets out of using your product. So the benefit of reading this book would be to make more money or to learn about Bitcoin business opportunities out there. Features are technical aspects of your product. So in the case of this book, its features would be that it’s a digital eBook, that it has over 200 pages and contains 15 chapters.

Let’s take another example - The TREZOR hardware wallet. The benefits of TREZOR is that your Bitcoins are secure and that you can send Bitcoins from any computer you like without needing to worry if it’s compromised or not. The features of the TREZOR wallet are that it’s compatible with six different Bitcoin hot wallets, it uses a 24 word recovery seed, and it costs $129 and so on. So features will usually be more boring than benefits. Benefits give the user the answer to the most important question they have - what’s in it for me? The distinction between the two is critical as it will be the basis for all of our marketing copy. Think about these three questions for your own product and try to see if you can answer them right now, I’ll still be here when you get back, I promise. There’s one thing you HAVE to find out before carrying out your marketing plan. I know you want to get right on to all of the neat marketing tricks I’m going to teach you in this book but before we can even consider that we have to answer another very basic question: Who are we targeting? Too many times I hear the answer “everyone” and that’s a sure recipe for failure. You can’t target “everyone”; you need to have a well-defined, focused target audience. Every universe has its characters. The Star Wars universe has Jedi knights, imperial soldiers and Wookiees. The Lord of the Rings universe has warriors, magicians and thieves. Each character has a specific role to play that keeps that universe in balance, and the Bitcoin universe isn’t that much different.

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