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Creating Your Own Successful Bitcoin Business-Part 45

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Author : My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets PDF EBook by Ofir Beigel

To illustrate this let’s say we have three advertisers for the KW “buy Bitcoins”. Advertiser. Max CPC. QS. Ad Rank. Ad position John $1 6 6*1 = 6 1st. Mellisa. $0.5. 9. 0.5 * 9 = 4.5. 2nd Craig $3 1 3 * 1 = 3 3rd. As you can see, even though Craig bid higher than Melissa, he will still show up below her because his QS pretty much sucks. Usually KWs with QS of 1 won’t show up at all. So now you know why it’s important that your QS will be as high as possible. If you have an extremely high QS you can pay a lower CPC and still maintain a high position. For those of you who really want to dig into this the exact formula to calculate how much you’ll pay is: (Ad rank below you/your QS) + $0.01. Hey, I told you it was complicated. So another short recap. Your ad rank = your QS X your mac CPC. Your ad rank will decide your ad’s placement. Higher QS means you can pay lower CPC for the same placement. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad. KW Terminology. When you’re looking for KWs there are several terms you need to be familiar with. Short tail KWs. These are short phrases that usually have a high search volume but are also very expensive to bid on and are not very focused. An example for a Bitcoin short tail KW can be “buy bitcoins” or “bitcoin mining”. I say that these KWs are not focused since if someone types in “bitcoin mining” you don’t know if he’s looking to buy a mining rig, learn about mining, or join a mining pool - the term is just too broad. Long tail KWs.

These are long phrases that usually have a lower search volume but are very focused and usually are less expensive to bid on. Examples for long tail KWs include: “buy bitcoins with PayPal” or “how to mine bitcoins at home”. Broad match. When you enter your KWs into the Google Adwords system they are entered in a broad match. This means that any time someone enter a query in Google that has your KW, your ad will show up. It doesn’t matter at what order the KWs were entered or if there’s anything before them, after them or in between. For example, if your KW is “bitcoin trading robot”, your ad will show up for all of the following queries in broad match. is there a good robot for trading bitcoin. best bitcoin trading robots. best automatic robots for bitcoin online trading. There is also phrase match that will show your ads only if your KWs come in the right order, but you may enter other words before or after them. So phrase match will show your ad only for these queries. Best bitcoin trading robots. bitcoin trading robot list. An exact match will show your ads only if some types your exact KW and nothing else. So only if someone type in “bitcoin trading robot” without anything before or after, your ad will be shown. Negative KWs. These are KWs that if you put them in your campaign under the “negative KWs” category Google will never show your ad if they appear in the search query.

This is good in order to filter out unwanted clicks that won’t convert into actual customers, since broad match can show your ad to users who entered a different query then what you originally intended. For example, let’s say you own a website that sells Bitcoins with a credit card only and not with PayPal. You decide to add the word “buy bitcoin” to your Adwords campaign. You can also add “PayPal” as a negative KW to your campaign. Any time a user searches for anything with the word “PayPal” in it - your add won’t show up. So queries like “buy bitcoin with PayPal” or “How to use PayPal to buy Bitcoins” won’t trigger your ad while “How to buy Bitcoins” will trigger it. Now that we’ve covered how the Google Adwords search network is built, let’s move on to setting our first campaign. The first thing you’ll want to do is some KW research to find out what KWs people are already looking for in the Bitcoin niche. There are many tools you can use to start crafting your KW list. Here are a few ideas. Google KW planner. As explained in Chapter 2, you can use Google’s KW planner to get KW ideas. Type in some sort of a basic short tail KW (e.g. “Buy bitcoin”) and see what results the KW planner gives you under the KW ideas tab. You can also see the monthly search volume for each KW on the right column. UberSuggest. As explained in Chapter 2 you can use UberSuggest to see what people are already searching for according to Google’s autocomplete feature.

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