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Creating Your Own Successful Bitcoin Business-Part 57

Invest In Bitcoin And Other Types Of Crypto Currency And Crypto Coins By Joining The BitClub Network

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If you want to purchase Bitcoin as an investment and you want to join the BitClub Network Company, so that BitClub can mine Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency on your behalf to grow a stable and increasing investment for you, please Join BitClub Here For Free. Once you join, you will be set up with a free lead account and receive follow up emails detailing how you can create a Bitcoin investment account with The BitClub Network. You can also Join Markethive Social Network For Entrepreneurs Here For Free. For any answers to questions Contact Clyde Thorburn Here.

Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network.

Author : My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets PDF EBook by Ofir Beigel

When I looked inside the Google Webmaster Tool (WMT) I saw this notification. For those of us who are not SEO experts, manual action means that someone actually made changes to Google’s algorithm manually to avoid manipulation of their search engine. Here’s a video explaining some more about this. In short, I was screwed manually. If you want to read more about Google penalties and their meaning you can do so here. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy about this. Specifically because for the past four months or so I hadn’t been dealing with any dubious SEO companies or Fiverr link-building projects – I was actually creating original and quality content. Before I go any further, if you haven’t installed WMT yet on your site DO IT NOW! It’s probably one of the most useful tools you can use when analyzing your site. Why was action taken against me by Google? I can’t say for sure, but my guess would be. 1. My low-quality link-building had come back to haunt me. In the beginning, I used some low-quality SEO companies which apparently brought good results in the short term but bad results long term. 2. My Bitcoin Ticker Widget which was a great success, had a footer “DoFollow” text link in it which Google does not approve of. Since the widget was installed in hundreds of websites (each containing dozens of pages) I got thousands of backlinks which seemed to be unnatural. In my defense, I should say that most if not all of the websites were Bitcoin related.

How do you remove such a penalty by Google? Well if you’ve followed the advice and used authority marketing, the first thing you should do is not panic – your business isn’t completely destroyed. However, if your sole tactic for getting traffic to your website is through Google, then you may want to panic. I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to not use only one traffic source for your website. The process I’m about to describe is pretty long and tedious and isn’t guaranteed to work every time, but it’s probably worth the effort. The thing to remember is that Google is willing to give you a second chance, but you need to prove you’ve earned it. Important. Before starting this process, create an excel sheet that documents everything you do! What URLs lead to your site, if they are spammy or not, who the contact person is, when did you contact him, what was his response, etc. You will need this sheet when you finish the process in order to prove your efforts to Google. Keep in mind that this process may end up hurting you in the end, because you might be removing quality links by mistake. That is why I recommend on using a professional that knows what he’s doing. Step 1 -Time to clean up. The first step would be to get rid of all of your spammy links. There are several ways this can be done. Hire a “link deletion” company such as LinkDelete or Removeem. There are many more other companies like these since this seems to be a growing trend so you can conduct your own research online.

Hire an independent contractor to delete these links for you – Using Upwork or Elance you can post a link-removal job post. This is the method I used since I like to have an individual working on my project and not a company. Do it yourself – if you have the time and don’t have the money this would be the best option. Keep in mind that the process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on how many backlinks you have to your site. Each link/referring domain needs to be evaluated for whether it’s legitimate or spam. If you don’t have the knowledge to do this yourself, I highly recommend you hire a professional. If you do want to do this yourself, you’ll need to find out who links to your site using WMT and start contacting them one by one. Here’s how you find this from inside the Google Webmaster. Tools dashboard. When you contact each webmaster, you will need to request that they remove the link to your website. If they don’t respond it’s recommended to try contacting them up to three times. In my case, aside from using a professional to remove the links, I also took two other actions. 1. I’ve changed the footer link on my Bitcoin Ticker Widget to “NoFollow” and made it an image link instead of a text link – apparently this way it does not manipulate Google’s search algorithm. 2. I’ve completely discontinued my old domain which had most of the spam links pointing to it (since I’ve moved from that domain to 99bitcoins I redirected all of the links from the old domain to the new one).

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