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Creating Your Own Successful Bitcoin Business-Part 69

Invest In Bitcoin And Other Types Of Crypto Currency And Crypto Coins By Joining The BitClub Network

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If you want to purchase Bitcoin as an investment and you want to join the BitClub Network Company, so that BitClub can mine Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency on your behalf to grow a stable and increasing investment for you, please Join BitClub Here For Free. Once you join, you will be set up with a free lead account and receive follow up emails detailing how you can create a Bitcoin investment account with The BitClub Network. You can also Join Markethive Social Network For Entrepreneurs Here For Free. For any answers to questions Contact Clyde Thorburn Here.

Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network.

Author : My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets PDF EBook by Ofir Beigel

I had one guy that brought in another 150 people on board, and I didn’t have to do anything for it. Additional advice about email marketing. Before we end this chapter, I’d like to share some final pointers regarding email marketing. Don’t EVER deal with buying or selling email addresses. This is bad practice and will come back and haunt you later on. Make sure you track and test everything, don’t just take my word for it (although you can use my word as a starting point). Make sure to send out emails on a regular basis. There’s no use in just collecting emails and not sending anything out. If you do this, once you decide to send you’ll be amazed by how low your open rate is and how many people mark you as SPAM. People have short term memories when it comes to subscribing to stuff online, make sure to keep them engaged. Write emails that you’d like to read yourself, make sure to send yourself a test email before each broadcast and ask yourself - “Would I open this email? Would I want to read this?” For advanced users, if you want to track your email marketing campaigns in Google Analytics use this guide. This chapter’s homework will recap all we’ve went through and put it into practice. 1. Sign up with an email service provider. I suggest Mailchimp, but if you’re dealing with affiliate marketing then use Aweber. 2. Create some sort of an incentive to get your users to sign up. This could be a short guide, an industry report, free Bitcoins or anything else you think is relevant to your target audience.

3. Set up your first list and web form. Each email service provider will have their own tutorials on how to do this. 4. Start collecting emails by placing the email form on your website. Ideally you’d want to put multiple versions on it via Thrive Leads or Optin Monster (pop up, top bar, after post etc.). 5. Make sure to create a customized thank you page for your subscribers, explaining to them what happens next. 6. Create a welcome email to your subscribers. Decide on what form of communication you’re going to use - formal or personal. 7. Continue to test, track and optimize your email marketing messages. If you made it this far I want to say that I appreciate you. Not many people follow through on such an extensive process. It took me almost seven years to learn what I tried to convey in this book and another two years of practicing it on the Bitcoin industry. No doubt you and I still have a lot to learn about the Bitcoin industry and online marketing, but I hope this book was a good enough stepping stone to get you started on your way. Bitcoin is still in its infancy and has a long way to go. In two or three years from now, this ecosystem will be booming and those who reserved their place early on in the game will reap their rewards. I have no doubt about it; that is also the reason I’m still in the game. As always if you have any questions, need any clarifications or just want to tell me what you thought about this book, I’d love to hear it. Feel free to email me at

If you enjoyed this book I’d appreciate you sharing it with your friends or even encourage you to start promoting it yourself as an affiliate. Moreover, if you can send me your testimonial it would mean the world to me. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around. A/B testing - comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You compare two web pages by showing the two versions (let's call them A and B) to similar visitors at the same time. The one that gives a better conversion rate, wins! Ad groups - A group of KWs in an Adwords campaign which will end up showing the same ad. The KWs inside an ad group should be closely related. Ad rank - the result of your quality score X your max CPC. Ad set - S group of ads that share the same daily or lifetime budget, schedule, bid type, bid info, and targeting data on Facebook ads. Affiliate link - Can also be called ref links, referral links, hop links and aff links. An affiliate link will usually look like the normal URL plus a tag to represent your specific affiliate ID. This tag is used to track the customers I brought that actually made a sale. Affiliate marketing - a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards an affiliate for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Affiliate manager - A person in charge of the affiliates inside an affiliate network or a brand. It’s the affiliate manager’s duty to tend to affiliate questions, supply them with advertising materials and so on.

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