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Getting Started With Cryptocurrency-Part 4

Invest In Bitcoin And Other Types Of Crypto Currency And Crypto Coins By Joining The BitClub Network

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Author : Matt at Matt Matrix 19 Dec 2017

In the current crypto ecosystem, you might find yourself spread out quite thin across various exchanges and dozens of wallets. Remembering which tokens you’ve invested into, how much you bought, what price you bought in at, across a multitude of addresses and locations can quite frankly be a major chore. One of the approaches would be to setup an excel spread sheet, but to keep in sync with live data proves to be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few apps out there that can help you log your trades to show you your gains/losses. Apps that help you manage your portfolio. If only Bitcoin was still $997. Blockfolio at Blockfolio was one of the first apps that were released specifically for managing your crypto investments. It’s one of the more popular options as it’s been out for a while, and it’s available for both iOS and Android. To get started, there’s a bit of setup, as you’ll need to enter all of your transactions manually. Once setup, it’ll show you your portfolio balances and gains/losses, and you can switch between viewing the values in BTC or in your default fiat currency. It generally does a good job showing you an overview of your portfolio and the pricing of coins that you’re holding.

However it’s a little tricky to see how much you’ve made per coin, as you’ll need to tap into the coin and then the holdings tab to see your profits, which is a bit of a UX annoyance. You also have the ability to set price alerts, and it also pulls in the latest news from crypto related news sites such as, etc. Pros. Blockfolio tracks over 2000 altcoins, making it one of the most comprehensive portfolio apps out there. Price alerts. A basic news feed. Supports multiple fiat currencies. Available on iOS and Android. Cons. Entering transactions can get quite tedious, as it only allows you to manually enter transactions. Graphs are not interactive. There have been some server issues with the app loading quite slowly, especially in the past two weeks with the increased mainstream attention that the crypto market received, Blockfolio was completely down. At times the data (prices of tokens) can seem to be inaccurate from actual exchange rates. The design is quite barebones and the UX can be a little confusing at times. Delta presents your data in a better UI. Delta at Delta is a newer app that’s also manages your crypto investments and shows you your gains and losses.

Like Blockfolio, you’ll also need to manually enter your transactions for it to calculate your profits. Delta’s UX is IMHO better designed than Blockfolio and is generally more user friendly. I also like the fact that it shows you the profits per token upfront, without needing to tap into a few screens. It’s a small nitpick, however I think it’s one that makes a big difference in terms of usability. Pros. Also tracks over 2000 altcoins, so most of the tokens you trade should be available. Price alerts. Supports multiple fiat currencies. The UX is much better than Blockfolio. Available on both iOS and Android. Cons. Entering transactions are also manual like Blockfolio, so if you trade quite a bit it can be difficult to track down your exact trades to get an accurate view of your holdings. Graphs are not interactive. No news section like Blockfolio. Matrix Portfolio (In development) at Matrix is a project that I’ve started after trying a bunch of the portfolio apps out there, and found most of them were lacking in features and the UX lacked polish. So I set out to build my own to make tracking investments easier.

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