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Making Money From Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency-Part 2

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Author : Ben Krypto 9 Jan 2018

ICO’s can yield huge returns that make whatever returns traditional investments yield an absolute joke. Happy with your 4% to 8% gains from the stock market? Satisfied with that safe 2% you garner from a high-interest savings account? Disagree with that. What about seeing 3000%, 5000% or even 10000% returns in only a few months? Welcome to the wonderful, beautiful, terrifying, intoxicating world of ICO’s, the very frontier lands of the wild west that is the crypto landscape. ICOs are hugely risky but can be hugely rewarding. Do understand that the market conditions change regularly and what coin may be a hot pick today or this week, may not be the case later. The current market clearly has thrown the idea of coin fundamentals out of the window. People are dumping money into coins based solely on hype without understanding the basics of market cap, coin supply, and coin fundamentals. It’s even worse with ICO’s where people will hand over their life savings to a dodgy, possibly anonymous team promising to deliver vast wealth with only a simple whitepaper and nothing else. Because there are virtually no regulations for ICO’s right now, there’s a lot of scams and dodgy money grab ICO’s that can lose you all your investment. So it’s very important you do the research to limit the potential risk. I want to make it clear. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. Do don’t go all into ICO’s lose all your money, then come back and blame me for your loses!

ICOs are risky and there is no avoiding that. But I’ve done very well on ICO’s and many many others have become multi mega millionaires by investing in ICOs. Crypto is becoming the greatest wealth redistribution on the planet, maybe of all time. And unlike previous examples, it’s the common man who’s getting in first, not the institutions. This is, in opinion, a once in a lifetime opportunity. A digital gold rush. The dotcom rush (i.e. the blockcoms) of our generation. Get in and make your money. Or watch from the sidelines while the few early birds with an appetite for risk make it rich. HOW MUCH CAN YOU MAKE FROM AN ICO? You can make ridiculous ROI’s if you choose an ICO that goes parabolic. A recent example for me (and some friends) was the ICON (ICX) ICO. The ICO price was around .10c per coin. As of the time of writing (3 weeks after ICO), ICX is worth about $11 dollars. I expect by the launch of the mainet Jan 24th, the coin will be worth $20 and after the end of January 2018, ICX may shoot up to $30 to $50. Certainly, ICON will be $100 or more by end of 2018. Right now at $11, ICON has given a return in fiat of more than 100x. That means if you put in $10,000 dollars into the ICO, you will now have about 1 million dollars. This is not some sort of lotto ticket that you hear about but never witness yourself. I have many friends who invested around $10,000 and are now closing on over a million USD. I myself made millions from ICX. And this is only one of half a dozen big ICO’s I’ve invested in over the past 7 months.

So ICO’s can and do make people rich. One ICO that goes parabolic is all you need to retire. ICO’s that go parabolic (i.e. explode in value many many times over) are not as rare as you think. I’ve had previous ICO’s I’ve done that have gone parabolic such as BQX (ETHOS) which went about 30x about a month out of ICO and six months later are valued at over 200x in value. There are some upcoming ICO’s I’ve done such as Wanchain, POA, Zilliqa that are due to hit the market in January that I’m expecting to go parabolic, going up 30x+ (and maybe 100-200x at least post-ICO over 2018). HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ICO. Now with practically a few ICO’s being launched every single day and hundreds per month, how do you sift through the shit to find the gems? There are many factors and variables to consider. But I’ll give you some basic guidelines that will help you choose the right ICO’s, or at least, help you avoid bad ones. I want to state that I firmly believe in trying to invest for the long term (as much as this is possible with blockchain) and to choose projects that look like they have lasting value, not short-term pump and dump coins of which 95% of the crypto market is formed. That means that I want to put money into a coin that I feel can actually deliver on their promise and bring something to market. I want to invest in projects that I feel will survive a market crash. With that said, let’s go over how to choose the best ICO’s.

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