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Making Money From Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency-Part 3

Invest In Bitcoin And Other Types Of Crypto Currency And Crypto Coins By Joining The BitClub Network

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Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network.

Author : Ben Krypto 9 Jan 2018

1. CHOOSE PROTOCOLS & PLATFORMS (OVER DAPPS). The state of cryptocurrency is in flux with different blockchain platforms all vying for dominance. BTC, the first cryptocurrency, itself is outdated. It does not support smart contracts, it’s slow, it’s expensive, and there’s a vicious civil war between the core developers who task themselves with improving the BTC infrastructure and the large mining companies & businesses with a vested interested in making as much money as they can from it. But the siren call of blockchain is strong. Some of the smartest people are promising that blockchain can optimize (through decentralization) many inefficient systems present in banking, government, supply chain, insurance, and many other broad areas. The real winner in a few years may not be Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other specific coin but Blockchain technology and how it disrupts our current technology. There is a mad scramble to find the blockchain /s that come out on top. The blockchain/s that prove they are the best and gain widespread adaption in the marketplace. Infrastructure projects also tend to give the best returns. If dApps built on a platform succeed in what they promise and gain real use, the fundamental value of the platform the dApp is built on itself will increase. For example, Microsoft Windows derives its value from the applications that have been developed on it. With cryptocurrency, you can invest in the actual underlying platform and profit as that platform succeed.

Imagine investing in the railroad infrastructure during the 19th century and getting paid rent as those rails were used by the trains. Would you want a piece of that? What about if you were paid when people used the ‘HTTP’ protocol. You would be gaining dividends in the web protocol itself, earning more and more as the protocol gains use. You would essentially be owning a piece of the web infrastructure. What would that be worth now? Billions. Trillions? Cryptocurrency platforms & protocols projects give you that option. Many are calling Blockchain the Web 3.0. A safer, more secure layer on which the new internet can be built upon, one centred around the idea of decentralization. That’s the longterm view anyways. But we still have ways to go — years likely — before this vision becomes a reality. At present, this web 3.0 is still in alpha and the best example of it is brought to its knees by a few thousand gamblers addicted to buying and selling digital cats. But if you hold to the long-term vision that the blockchain will be the seed of a new web 3.0, then investing in its infrastructure is a good play. dApps, beyond the speculative value they give now, will ultimately be tied (when the speculative frenzy has died down in the future) to the value of the company behind the application. Most dApps offer utility tokens which are, frankly, not at all needed as part of the core functionality. What am I saying here? Platforms and Protocols have delivered some of the biggest ROI.

And if the market turns bear, these are the projects that will likely retain real value in the future — not the dApps built on them. So when evaluating potential ICO’s, give big preferential treatment to infrastructure projects over dAPPS. You’ll likely earn more over the long run. And they are safer bets over dapps. Look at some of the top cryptocurrency by market cap: EOS. ADA. IOTA. NEO. ICX. LISK. Notice a trend? A significant portion of the top 20 list is filled with infrastructure cryptocurrencies, not dApps. I don’t expect this to change until dApps actually start getting real-world use in the marketplace and disrupting industries. I figure we have anywhere from 2 to 5 years before this occurs. 2. ANTICIPATE THE MARKET TRENDS. Want to make millions. Here’s how. Anticipate the direction the market will go. Then invest in cryptocurrencies that promise those solutions. Now, this does sound easy but does involve knowing quite a bit about market trends and the general state of blockchain tech. You only get this by following crypto news and looking at what cryptocurrencies are currently rising. For example, I’m personally interested in cryptocurrency platforms & protocols that aim to solve the fundamental problems with current blockchain technology, the problems that must be overcome if blockchain is to be used to solve real problems and not just a speculative investment. Some of these problems that MUST be solved are scalability (increasing throughput of transactions speeds).

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