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Making Money From Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency-Part 5

Invest In Bitcoin And Other Types Of Crypto Currency And Crypto Coins By Joining The BitClub Network

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Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network.

Author : Ben Krypto 9 Jan 2018

Normally I do avoid big market cap ICO’s usually. But some of the best ICO’s that attempt big things with very stacked teams are often in the 100+ million market cap range (200 million even now). Given that the market cap of cryptocurrency is nearly 1 trillion now, a 200 million dollar ICO is no longer as ‘big’ as it was six months ago. This means even a 200 million dollar ICO can see big multiples if it reaches say 2 billion, 5 billion, 10 billion. One recent example was ADA, which hit the market after an extended ICO lockup at about 400 million. Within 2 months, Ada hit the Top 5 list and is worth 28 billion. That’s a gain of about 70x. I don’t expect this to be the last example either. I have my eye on a few upcoming big cap ICO’s that could do something similar. Generally, though, you’ll want to look at ICO market caps that are below $90 million for good gains. My sweet spot for quality of ICO and the team behind it is between $40 to 70 million. If you find a quality ICO with a market cap between 20 to 40 million, that’s a good sign that you could reasonably see anywhere from 5x to 20x. $10 to $20 million would be what I consider small market cap and excellent potential for the 10x+ returns. $5 to 10 million would be very small market cap. below $5 million, I would call a microcap. You can see some good returns here, but also your risk increases as here dwell many more scammy ICO’s. There were some recent microcap ICO’s that did very well. Bounty0X (BTY) with the 1.5 million dollars hard cap is one. It’s up 10x so far. Another would be VERIFY (CRED), which was a 2.5 million market cap and is about 22 million (9x or about 4x ETH). Lowcap / microcap ICO’s are risky though.

For every gem you find, there will be 20 shit ones. 4. HOW STRONG IS THE TEAM BEHIND THE ICO? Before looking into an ICO, you need to carefully consider the team. This is one of the most important factors in predicting how a coin will do and if the project can succeed. A team full of movers and shakers in the tech or crypto world is likely to garner significant hype for the ICO. This may cause a significant increase in the coin value when it hits the exchanges for the first time. An all-star team is more likely to succeed in producing something (even more so if the team’s reputation is on the line). Winners like to win. And you can bet that a serial winner is likely to win again. Or die trying at least. You typically want to look for. 1. Team members who are well known in the blockchain space with the experience to pull off what the crypto promises. 2. Team members who have run successful companies or worked for well-known companies. 3. Team members who are well connected to any verticals relating to what the cryptocurrency is targetting (financial connections if the crypto is a banking/financial one, blockchain connections if the crypto is trying to be a platform or protocol) If the team looks inexperienced, have not completed successful projects in the past, or have no history at all, be very careful! There are more than a few ICO’s are scams or cash grabs with fake teams. You should also do some due diligence into the team members and look at. The team’s linked in profile to verify what they have done and their past work experience.

Look at the advisors and make sure the advisors (if well known) verify they are actually advising the ICO. You want to make sure the team is who they say there are. And you want be sure the team has the skills and the connections to complete their project. Team members with experience in similar projects give confidence that the project will be successful. You also want to really look at the CEO of the company. Does it look like the leader/s have the background and skill to lead the team and ensure the cryptocurrency achieves the promise? If the ICO has any whiff of something scammy (team members lying about their experience, copied white papers, fake advisors), stay away from that ICO. If the ICO promises something too good to be true, it’s too good to be true! 5. THE FUNDAMENTALS MATTER (EVEN MORE SO FOR LONG-TERM). Right now there is a spell of crypto mania with millions of ‘normies’ (people who have just jumped into the crypto market, usually with absolutely no experience investing). These people have no idea how to properly trade and no very little about the crypto market in general. Their working knowledge is what clickbaity articles they’ve read online or investing in a sure win coin pick given to them by the guy at the bar or in the gym. These are the people, now, that are spurring the market to greater and greater highs. The problems is that in their inexperience, these flocks of eager-to-get-rich investors don’t know anything about the coins they are investing in. Nor do they understand the basics of market cap, circulating supply, total supply, and other coin fundamentals that impact both your risk and potential reward.

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