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The BitCoin BitClub Guide - Part 13

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If you want to purchase Bitcoin as an investment and you want to join the BitClub Network Company, so that BitClub can mine Bitcoin on your behalf to grow a stable and increasing investment for you, please Join BitClub Here For Free. Once you join, you will be set up with a free lead account and receive follow up emails detailing how you can create a Bitcoin investment account with The BitClub Network. For any answers to questions Contact Clyde Thorburn Here.

Ethereum Pool. What is Ethereum? Ethereum is the Blockchain of all things and it’s starting to become very useful in the market place. Many applications can be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Stuff like smart contracts to store agreements, property rights, stock settlements, medical records and pretty much any other records you wish to store using a secure blockchain. Ethereum runs on a token much like Bitcoin that is called Ether (ETH). This token can be mined just like Bitcoin and uses hardware servers that perform hashing functions to protect and verify the network. Right now Ethereum is in the early stages of its adoption and is really more of a business to business blockchain but BitClub know the user friendliness is coming soon. Ethereum, as a technology, has big potential and BitClub already see ways to integrate their blockchain, smart contracts and other services into the BitClub platform. BitClub believe the possibilities here are endless and with many of the BitClub members holding these tokens, you can bet more opportunities will become available in the future. Once Ethereum turns from ‘Proof of Work’ over to ‘Proof of Stake’ you can continue mining the coins you have earned in your wallet just like with ClubCoin.

All you have to do is download the ETH wallet at and keep your computer connected. The Ethereum mining pool is currently sold out. Bitclub Network Ethereum Mining Pool. Ethereum is really starting to pick up steam in the market and BitClub believe this pool could end up being of big value for those who are able to get a share. Over the past month, BitClub have been mining Ethereum with great success and BitClub decided to open up this Ethereum pool to all members and offer an additional 2,000 shares. The Ethereum mining pool has been launched on April 1st 2016 after a successful campaign that sold out all 2,000 shares offered. All mining profits are paid out on actual mining and run daily. All payments will be made using the Ether token and you must sign up for an Ether Wallet in order to withdrawal your earnings from your BitClub wallet. This works the same way as Bitcoin and ClubCoin. Each share will cost $1,000 USD, paid in either Bitcoin or ClubCoin. You are actually purchasing real mining hardware. This is not cloud mining or renting hash power or virtual mining. You are purchasing actual GPU mining rigs that will be used to mine Ether and you will own these mining machines outright.

In fact, if you would like to request your machines at any point BitClub can ship them to you. BitClub also have some ideas on what to do with these machines in the future after Ethereum mining moves to Proof-of-Stake and BitClub will let you know what your options are. The pool will continue to mine Ether for as long as the market will allow it. However, as a warning at some point in the future, Ethereum mining will move over to a different method of mining called Proof-of-Stake method. Also, after the mining is gone BitClub will still have very solid GPU’s that BitClub can use to mine other coins or that you can decide to take possession of since you purchased them. BitClub will also provide more details about a virtual staking pool opportunity when the time comes. If you missed out on getting a share of this pool BitClub strongly suggest you take a look at buying Ether directly and holding it long term. This is not an official recommendation to buy and BitClub don’t have any inside information or insight on this, BitClub just really believe in the future of this token. More Ethereum additional resources. BitClub suggest you do your own research and understand what Ethereum is before you purchase a share. Here are some resources to start with. The Ethereum website at The Ethereum Blockchain at Keep track of all the BitClub blocks mining at

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