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The BitCoin BitClub Guide - Part 5

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If you want to purchase Bitcoin as an investment and you want to join the BitClub Network Company, so that BitClub can mine Bitcoin on your behalf to grow a stable and increasing investment for you, please Join BitClub Here For Free. Once you join, you will be set up with a free lead account and receive follow up emails detailing how you can create a Bitcoin investment account with The BitClub Network. For any answers to questions Contact Clyde Thorburn Here.

Bitclub Network is not a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme has no product, it’s just a money game set up to pay people with other people’s money and eventually it will crash and burn because there is no real money being earned from any outside sources. BitClub Network has a real opportunity for anyone to purchase mining equipment and earn profits from what is being mined. BitClub strive to be very transparent about their mining and you are able to track everything on the blockchain at and see the BitClub Mining pool at running live. This is what BitClub love most about Bitcoin. You can’t trick or fake it, everything is recorded in a public ledger for everyone to see. It’s very important to understand that BitClub do not guarantee a mining share will have a set return. In fact, you will never hear BitClub make any claims about how much you will earn from having a share in the BitClub mining pool because the truth is BitClub don’t know. Bitcoin mining is very complex and with the difficulty level constantly moving up every 10 days and new hashing power always entering the space there is no way anyone can predict accurately an ROI.

Especially with the BitClub business model that requires re-purchases or more simply daily maintenance fees. NOTE: If you find a company offering you a set return (especially if they claim to be Cloud Mining and offer 100% or more) there is a high probability they are a Ponzi scheme. Some Cloud Miners are actually backed by real hardware but their power is virtual and therefore very hard to track. In fact, the sad reality is you will never know if a Cloud Mining Company is actually mining, so we recommend you steer clear unless they are very transparent. BitClub is not a Cloud Mining company, everything BitClub have can be verified. No longer operating in the USA. After careful consideration and many conversations with lawyers, advisors and leaders within BitClub Network, BitClub have decided to stop taking new memberships within the United States starting May 1st 2016 and focus on other countries that BitClub are growing much faster in.

As it stands right now only about 6% of BitClub Network members are based in the United States, and since the BitClub corporate team is outside the US, and the BitClub mining operations are outside of the US BitClub believe there is no reason to operate within the US market and take on any future risk that could jeopardize the other 94% of the BitClub members. All existing members in the US who join before May 1st will not be affected by this action. As long as you have an active $99 Membership on or before April 30th, 2016 you will be eligible to purchase all mining pool shares in the future at any time. You will continue to have full access to your membership and your mining contracts and all commissions will continue to pay as promised. Each member in the US will be given a special grand fathered membership and you will be able to sponsor new members without interruption as long as they reside outside of the United States. ATM Machines in the USA. Unfortunately, BitClub will not be deploying any ATM machines within the United States and will be identifying specific markets and locations. BitClub just want to make it clear that US members will not be able to participate in the BitClub Network opportunity.

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