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Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin ICO Resources-Part 2

Invest In Bitcoin And Other Types Of Crypto Currency And Crypto Coins By Joining The BitClub Network

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Invest in Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Currency and Crypto Coins by joining the BitClub Network.

Author : Crypto Income Staff 9 January 2018

It’s full of (mostly) people from 3rd world countries who are desperate to get rich on an investment of less than $100 bucks. So take any recommendations given here with 10 grains of salt (most of these guys have no clue). But for rank newbies, it’s a good place to get a general overview on crypto and maybe some ICO’s that are hot. Don’t trust what people say here though. Most of the info and picks are shit. ICO Buyer Slack Group This legendary slack group is full of flippers looking to get rich quick. But it’s a good source for some potentially hyped up ICO’s. You’ll have to know how to use SLACK and how to find an invite to this channel. Worth joining though if you want to ICO hunt. GENERAL CRYPTO NEWS. Some of these sites touch on ICO’s or are good for generalized news about crypto. Coindesk at – This website is the most comprehensive news source about cryptocurrency around. News about altcoins often appears here long before the mainstream media picks up on it.

A lot of the reporters at mainstream business outlets get their news about cryptocurrency from Coindesk. That means ICO stories that appear there will often influence media coverage. Many ICO press releases often appear at Coindesk first. A big advantage to Coindesk is that it will give you the bad news about ICOs. That includes stories on the frauds and pump and dump scams and security breaches which some of the news outlets ignore. Coin Market Cap at – This is website is the best real-time source of Coin Price and market data around. It will give you the Coin Price, Market Cap, Market Volume, and Circulating Supply of any cryptocurrency is on the market. A visit to Coin Market Cap can tell you how much an actively-traded cryptocurrency is worth, and if there is a real demand for it. Coin Market Cap offers lots of handy tools including converters and charts. A great use of Coin Market Cap is to check the value of older ICOs and to compare new issues with older offerings.

Another is to determine if there is a Total Supply, which can affect the Coin Price.

EtherDelta – This marketplace for ERC20 (Ethereum-based) tokens is a good place to see and trade in new tokens. One advantage to EtherDelta is that the tokens here will be Ethereum-based so they can be converted into the second most popular cryptocurrency. Another good use for EtherDelta is to see if anybody is actually trading in an ICO. This website will provide some of the basic market data about ICOs such as Market Capitalization and Coin Price as well as giving you a chance to buy the tokens. I’ve changed my mind. Ether Delta used to be important as the dumping ground for ICO’s before they hit a centralized exchange like Binance. However, ED was sold a few months ago to some shady Chinese people and since then, has gone downhill. It’s been hacked twice (including the domain name redirecting to fake phishing site), no new coins have been added, and the new buyers did a quick cash grab with an ICO.

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