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Understanding Bitcoin-BitCoin Mining Profit-Lesson 23

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2. Heat production, especially in hot climates and during summer months, which can be uncomfortable at best, and in the case of serious rises in temperature can cause illness. Under clocking to reduce heat and power consumption reduces earnings but can negate this issue. 3. Noise, especially in a small apartment this can cause noise that can become unbearable as the later gear is not quiet. Under clocking to reduce heat, and therefore fan speed and reduce the noise is recommended. Loud noise of over 90 decibels (dB) constantly can cause hearing damage in the long term with continued exposure. 4. Power grid reliability, if in a country with unreliable power can cause lost mining time, this should be factored into profits. What are the pitfalls in mining for profit? 1. Hardware breakdown outside of the standard 90-day warranty. This can leave the miner severely out of pocket. 2. Pre-Order of hardware. Late delivery while difficulty is ever rising can reduce profit or in the case of the KNC Neptune at miners, make return on investment (ROI), impossible. 3. Larger scale operations due to the high power draw and heat requires proper electrical installations and installations of cooling, and possibly a three-phase electrical supply. This cost must be factored into calculations when investing in a mining farm. 4. Insurance for large scale operations. 5. Pool downtime, which can cause lost mining time. Set up failover pools for this scenario. 6. Power usage should be measured at the wall, and this can vary depending on power supply quality.

A gold or platinum rated power supply is best. How do I secure my earnings? If you are mining for profit, you will have invested large sums of money into your investment. Bitcoin is inherently secure, but the private keys for your wallet are stored on your machine if you use typical wallet software. This leaves the coins vulnerable to malware, even when your wallet is encrypted, when the password is entered the private key is loaded into memory, leaving it vulnerable to malware. A single hack if all funds are kept in a single wallet can wipe out your entire earnings/bitcoin holdings in seconds. The following precautions should be taken when mining/handling bitcoin or bitcoin hardware: 1. For long term storage, NEVER store your bitcoins in an online wallet. If the provider goes bust or is hacked, your coins can be lost. If you do not have exclusive possession of the private keys, coins are at risk of loss or theft. Do not store large amounts on an exchange at once. An exception to this rule is the coin base multi signature vault due to how the keys are shared between you and coinbase. 2. Set up two-step login on any online wallet or exchange service if you must use them, especially in the case of exchanges. 3. Exchange small amounts of bitcoin at a time. 4. Invest in a hardware wallet for long term storage or even general use. This keeps private keys in the device even when signing transactions and renders it invulnerable to most malware and has a recovery seed if the hardware becomes lost or damaged, this recovery seed should never be stored on a computer but handwritten and kept safe. TREZOR and LEDGER are the two main hardware wallets.

5. Never use vanity addresses unless generated on your own machine. Vanity websites have had possession of your private keys and you never know if they kept them or not, reports of theft from these websites down the line is not unheard of. 6. Keep backups of any wallet private keys/recovery seeds, loss of data due to computer failure can cause the loss of coins. One such user lost over $1 million in bitcoin through loss of data. 7. Ensure your hardware has a warranty. 8. Ensure good quality cabling and power supplies are use, and surge protection equipment is installed. 9. Do not overclock your hardware, this can shorten its useful life. What are the alternative ways to profit? There are alternative ways to profit when mining for bitcoins. They can include any of the following methods: 1. Mining altcoins as they become profitable and converting them to bitcoin. Some of these can be mined with general purpose hardware such as graphics cards. Some pools are set up to do this automatically. 2. Mine Litecoin with KNC Titan hardware. This has a high upfront investment but Litecoin difficulty is typically much more stable and does not increase as much as bitcoin difficulty. The price of Litecoin is stable like bitcoin. ROI time is typically shorter, although due to the KNC Titan power consumption a 240-volt electricity area is recommended. 3. Rather than mine, buy and hold coins at the right prices and trade them. 4. Mine until you are near to breaking even and then sell your hardware, if done at the right time before any significant drops in price of your hardware you can make a tidy profit.

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