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Understanding Bitcoin-Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto-Lesson 6

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He made a post stating he would publish further proof, but then deleted his post and stated he could not stand being in the spotlight. Having never really signed a message from the private keys of the earliest Bitcoin transactions, he was deemed not to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but potentially a skilled hoaxer. Summary. These are the 4 main people who were suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto and was since debunked. There have been many others, but these are the main ones that bought widespread media attention. The founder of Bitcoin still remains Anonymous to this day. Why did Satoshi Nakamoto hide his identity? There are many speculated reasons as to why Satoshi Nakamoto hid his identity. The main reason is due to the high profile nature of Bitcoin; he did not want the attention. Satoshi handed the Bitcoin project over not long after Gavin Andersen who is a Bitcoin developer gave a talk on bitcoin to the CIA. At There is speculation that this concerned Satoshi, but there is little more than speculation at this point. A well-known spiritual conspiracy theorist, who does back up a lot of his stories with hard science, stated at that he had heard that Bitcoin was created by an international alliance to have a currency that could be used in the event that the cabal attempted to crash the current banking system which they control.

David Wilcock has little knowledge about Bitcoin itself however, and he did not realize that Satoshi Nakamoto embedded a message in the Genesis block, which is block 0. It mentioned the bank bailouts of 2009, implying that the corruption in the banking system is one of the reasons why he created a currency like Bitcoin. Due to the potential risk to life developing something like this and the risk of being a public celebrity, it is likely he chose to hide his identity for his own protection, especially when Bitcoin was associated in the media as being the currency of criminals, when it actually has many legitimate uses. Will we ever find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is? There is speculation, but currently only speculation. Members of the Bitcoin community have refused to believe anyone claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, unless they sign a message with the private keys from Satoshi’s known coins or the Genesis block. Due to the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, some have said that after a few years his massive coin stash (1 million plus coins) should be disabled at as they are supposedly a ‘security’ risk. This was met with backlash by the community and the Bitcoin developers did not implement this. Even if they did, it would require network consensus to achieve. There have been some who were happy that Satoshi left the project, many see him as a potential idol, judging by forum posts on bitcointalk at

His sudden disappearance leads many people to continuously wonder who he is and people are still trying to find him to this day. If he hid his identity properly, this is a very difficult, if not impossible task unless he comes forward. Blockchain analysis shows that almost none of his coins have even been spent and have remained untouched for several years. Summary. This article has discussed who Satoshi Nakamoto was, and has gone over a few people suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto. None of their identities were found to be that of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is likely that Satoshi was either a person or a group of people, and could potentially fear the CIA. It is a potential that he helped develop Bitcoin as an alternative to the traditional financial system, in the hands of the people, this was evidenced by the genesis block. People still speculate to this day, but still there is no hard concrete proof of who is Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi cannot cause harm to the Bitcoin network, the way he designed it meant it was out of his hands once other nodes started coming online. Conclusion. He may come forward one day, but no one knows when or if he will come forward, and none of his coins have been spent, even though the value of his holdings tops $600 million, so profit was not his motive. He could have cashed these coins out at any time, but chose not to. It is likely he will remain just the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym for the time being, but this could change in the future. The creation of Satoshi Nakamoto still runs and is maintained by the current developers.

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