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What Is Bitcoin – Part 3

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Five to six years ago it was complicated to use Bitcoin but now there are over one thousand companies from all over the world that make Bitcoin easy to use by any person. The smartest and richest people in the world are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into Bitcoin companies in order to make it easy for anybody to use. This is why we are still in the initial starting stages of the Bitcoin revolution. In the past few years hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in Bitcoin start-up companies. In the year 2012 about two million dollars was invested. In 2013 ninety five million dollars was invested in these Bitcoin start-up companies. In 2014 three hundred and sixty one million dollars and up to and including September 2015 there was four hundred and fifty six million dollars have invested in these Bitcoin start-up companies. So, in total, that adds up to over nine hundred million dollars in the three years from 2012 to 2015 have been invested in these start-up companies. Here are just a few of the people and businesses that have and are continuing to invest in Bitcoin companies. Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, The New York Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, USAA Bank, BBVA Bank, PayPal, EBay and Google. MIT University is also very involved with Bitcoin and its underlying block chain technology. Here is how things work for Bitcoin. Imagine you have a certain demand for gold. During that month the gold demand for that month was physically mined.

The next month the demand remained the same but only half of the demand was mined. This would cause the price of gold to sky rocket upwards and gold would become expensive, to buy, very quickly. Currently the demand for Bitcoin is rising but the amount of Bitcoin being produced is getting less and less and will continue to get less and less right up to the year 2140. This means that the price must and has to go up continually all the time from today onwards. At the time of writing there have been fourteen million Bitcoin produced with a current value of around three and a half billion dollars. All of this wealth went to those people who are involved in Bitcoin Mining and this trend is not going to stop. Here is the reason why people are joining the Bitcoin Bitclub Network. Most of those smart rich people who are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into Bitcoin companies believe that the price of one Bitcoin will soon reach ten thousand dollars within the next three years which is by the end of the year 2018. So if you just keep on buying Bitcoin now on a regular basis and sit on your Bitcoins for the next three years (i.e. do not sell any of them) this will be an incredible investment. You need to remember that over the last five years the cost of one Bitcoin has increased by a factor of two thousand seven hundred. To go from two hundred and forty dollars to buy a Bitcoin to ten thousand dollars is only going up by a factor of forty one. If you join the Bitclub Network Mining Pool now, instead of just buying Bitcoin now and holding onto it for the next three years, you will probably have two to eight times more Bitcoin.

So let us say that you were going to buy fifteen and a half Bitcoin as an investment. Then the price of Bitcoin went up to ten thousand dollars to purchase one Bitcoin. You would then convert your investment of around three thousand six hundred dollars into a sale of one hundred and fifty five thousand dollars, realizing a massive profit of one hundred and nineteen thousand dollars. However, if you take your fifteen and a half twenty five Bitcoin and place it into the Mining system that Bitcoin Club Network offers, three years from now could turn those Bitcoins into twenty five to one hundred Bitcoins. This means that when the price went to ten thousand dollars to purchase one Bitcoin, you would be sitting on two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to one million dollars of Bitcoin investment. Remember when Bitcoin first started and the cost of producing Bitcoin initially was the same as the cost of one pizza, which was a twenty five dollar investment that turned into a twenty four million dollar investment. Do not be left out of this massive opportunity. It is real and it is working for all one hundred percent of Bitclub Network members wherever they may live or work in the world. There is so much more in the world of Bitcoin that will be explained at a later date. There are many different revenue streams that members of the Bitclub Network will be able to profit from such as Bitcoin ATMs' a payment platform for businesses to accept Bitcoin and the Bitclub Network Company is launching their own coin that they only give away exclusively to their members. The Network is creating a demand for this coin to make the price go up over time just like Bitcoin did and still does. Bitclub Network has huge potential, so don't miss out.

If you want to use Bitcoin and the BitClub Network as an investment please contact Clyde Thorburn on his website.

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