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What Is The Bitcoin BitClub Network All About - Part 10

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If you want to purchase Bitcoin as an investment and you want to join the BitClub Network Company, so that BitClub can mine Bitcoin on your behalf to grow a stable and increasing investment for you, please Join BitClub Here For Free. Once you join, you will be set up with a free lead account and receive follow up emails detailing how you can create a Bitcoin investment account with The BitClub Network. For any answers to questions contact Clyde Thorburn here.

BitClub Network is not owned by any single person or entity. The company consists of or is comprised of a team of experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, network marketers and programmers who have joined together to launch a very simple business around Bitcoin and other Digital Currency mining. Once you are a registered paid up lifetime member you have complete control over what coins you want to mine with your hashing power. The primary mission of the BitClub Network management team is to help anyone take advantage of the huge investment and profit potential that can be enjoyed by all, as a result of the Blockchain of Bitcoin mining. BitClub Network has been running one of the largest and most trusted mining operations for over three years now. During this time the BitClub Network team have built a global membership of people who are helping to educate, provide services for and ultimately profit from Bitcoin, ClubCoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, DASH, Monero, Zcash and many more crypto currencies. Management of the BitClub Network are dedicated to assisting all BitClub members to accrue many Digital Assets.

The BitClub Network is a global distribution network created and maintained to help people, from all over the world, to accumulate digital assets and participate in block chain technology. By combining a crowd funded mining pool with the power of an affiliate structure the BitClub Network has an opportunity for members to leverage their earning potential from Bitcoin or other crypto currency investments. Since the year 2014 the BitClub Network Company and related business has mined more than fifty thousand Bitcoins as well as two hundred and fifty thousand Ethereum. All one hundred percent of these crypto currency coins have been shared back to the members of BitClub Network. So how do you invest in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies through or using the BitClub Network? It is really quite simple and here are the steps to the process. First you purchase mining equipment, which are actual computer servers that are used to mine Bitcoin or other Digital Currencies. This pays you daily, in crypto currency that has been converted from USD, on whatever is mined. Second you share your affiliate URL and sign up other members.

When they purchase mining equipment you get paid a commission on everything they buy. The more you share, the more you can earn. It is that easy. Bitcoin is a new asset that uses a distributed public ledger to send the token from one person to another. This all happens without a central bank or third party and it's not controlled by any individual company or person. All transactions are completely transparent and thousands of copies of the ledger are kept across a distributed network of computers with no single point of failure or possible manipulation. Bitcoin is a true decentralized asset that can move freely around the world and nobody can control it. With Bitcoin you are given a public key and a private key. Your public key is your address that everyone knows, which is like an email address or bank account number. Then you have your private key which allows you to unlock your public key and send Bitcoins from one account to another. This acts like your password but it is more secure. One of the disadvantages is that if you lose your private key there is no way to recover it so no matter which wallet you store Bitcoin in, make sure you back it up and keep your private keys safe.

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