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What Is The Bitcoin BitClub Network All About – Part 3

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The BitClub Network registered it's website on 22nd of July 2014 and has been mining Crypto Currency, including Bitcoin, from then until the time of writing, which is 2 September 2017. This means that Bitclub has been operational for a total of 3 years and two months or a total of 38 months. The company has spent over fifty million United States dollars in mining equipment and other related assets. BitClub is the sixth largest Bitcoin mining company in the world. The BitCoin Network started off with a piece of mining equipment called the S3 and currently use a more powerful mining machine which is extremely energy efficient known as the S9. Once you join the BitCoin Network, for a once off payment of ninety nine dollars, you become a lifetime member and you get paid on a daily basis. Everything that the BitCoin Network does is all registered in the Blockchain. So if you access the website you will see all the transactions that are taking place within Bitcoin worldwide. You will also be able to see all the Bitcoin mining activity that is taking place within the BitClub Network and also around the world. This Blockchain shows the transparency of the Bitcoin mining environment. Transparency is important for people who are making a Bitcoin purchase and investing their money in Bitcoin and this transparency also gives purchasers and investors the proof and assurance that there purchase and investments are all financially sound.

Bitclub uses a proven 40-40-20 model. This means that Bitclub takes forty percent of the money from any dollar or Bitcoin that comes into Bitclub and they use that proportional amount of forty percent to pay commissions. The other forty percent of it is used to repurchase Bitcoin mining equipment and or machines and the remaining twenty percent is assigned to the administration and security of the BitClub Network. Administration and security is critical and around two hundred thousand dollars is invested in this aspect of Bitclub to ensure that that all financial transactions and membership information is sound and secure. The person who referred you to the Bitcoin BitClub Network will help you set up an account. In summary, in order to get started and join Bitclub, the first step is to setup a free account. The second step is to set up an eWallet for free. These eWallets are virtual or digital wallets housed on the internet by BitClub. The third step will be to fund your eWallet by buying Bitcoins via a Bitcoin Exchange. We usually pay for things from an eWallet that is loaded with paper money. We then transfer that money from the wallet to purchase goods or services. However, with the Bitcoin eWallet, the payment for purchases is only done in or using Bitcoins or fractions of a Bitcoin to pay for these goods or services.

So what you have to do is set up your account, set up your eWallet and then convert the total amount of money you need to fund your BitClub account (i.e. ninety nine US dollars once off payment for a lifetime membership plus at least five hundred US dollars to purchase a mining contract with Bitclub) in Bitcoins. You do this by converting the five hundred and ninety nine US dollars into your country's currency into the related amount. Then you need to visit a Bitcoin Exchange and buy the volume of Bitcoins you need to equal five hundred and ninety nine dollars and place those Bitcoins into your eWallet. Then go online and an activate your free account that you created in step one by paying the equivalent of ninety nine US dollars in Bitcoin, from your loaded eWallet, for your Lifetime Membership and the equivalent of five hundred dollars in Bitcoin, from your loaded eWallet, for your BitClub Network Mining Contract Pool. You have a number of BitClub Mining contracts to choose from. There are four different kinds, namely; Pool No. 1 costing $500, Pool No.2 costing $1000, Pool No. 3 costing $2000 and the Founder Pool No. 4 costing $3500. The fourth or Founder Mining Pool includes the three other pools, totaling three thousand five hundred dollars.

If you want to use Bitcoin and the BitClub Network as an investment please contact Clyde Thorburn on his website.

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