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What Is The Bitcoin BitClub Network All About - Part 6

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Fifty percent of those five hundred dollars goes back into your mining contracts. It takes ten days for the computers and the respective mining equipment to get set up. So from the eleventh day onwards, for one thousand calendar days, you will be earning daily commissions in Bitcoins and you will be repurchasing small bits or amounts of Bitcoin to place back into additional mining contracts. Fifty percent will go into your daily commissions, fifty percent into your mining contract repurchases if you have a five hundred dollar pool that you purchased. If you have a one thousand dollar pool purchased, then the split will be sixty percent into commissions and forty percent back into repurchasing mining contracts. If you purchased a two thousand dollar pool (i.e. pool number three) the split will be seventy and thirty percent respectively. What happens is that all the repurchases of mining contracts that takes place by the Bitclub Network Company, on your behalf, will add up to new mining contracts, each of which will in turn also last one thousand calendar days. So many new contracts will be purchased for you by Bitcoin Network every day with the fractional portions of the Bitcoins that the Company has mined for you.

So your initial mining contract that you purchased will cause many more new mining contracts to evolve or be created on a daily basis. This means and proves that you do not need to put more money into or buy anything else in the BitClub Network, other than your initial ninety nine dollar lifetime membership and one or more of the pools, namely $500, $1000 or $2000, in order for you to make money in this continuous investment in Bitcoins. The initial investment that you placed into BitClub Network, by purchasing a mining contract or contracts, will make money for you as BitClub will do the mining for you and reinvest the money made from this mining back into your Bitcoin business. So while your initial investment is making money for you, as explained above, you will also be making money from the people you enrolled in your Bitcoin business, on a daily basis, in the form of Residual Bonuses of ten, twelve, fifteen and eighteen percent, as explained in my previous posts. So the more people you enroll into your business the more residual bonuses you will receive. Now you need to understand how all these bonuses reflect in your account via the administrative efforts of the BitClub Network back office, referred to as the Block Chain. It is important that you are able to verify all the information that has been discussed in all ten of my previous posts, by seeing it live within the BitClub Network website.

When you, as a registered member of the BitClub Network, click on the 'Mining Pool' tab on the home page of the BitClub Network website, what you will see are images and explanations of all the BitClub Network Mining Machines and Equipment, in many different countries around the world, that the company has to mine Bitcoin for all its registered members. The next tab to click, at the top of the website, is the Mining Earnings tab. The little green number will show you the amount or fractions of Bitcoin that you are making or generating into your Bitcoin account every day. Once you click the 'Mining Earnings' tab, in real time, you will see reflected on the webpage, details of the three pools that are running at the time that you clicked the Mining Earnings tab/page, which are mining the three different mining contracts. When viewing, say, pool one or mining contract one (which is purchased by registered members for five hundred dollars) it will show you the date that you purchased that mining contract. It will also show you a list of dates/days onwards from the day you purchased the contract showing you earned on each of those days, the new contract or shares that were repurchased for you, as far as the fraction of Bitcoin that was mined for you, the date that each of these Bitcoins was paid to you and the date that all these new contracts will expire, which is usually close to one thousand days for each new share or new contract, as it is created.

If you want to use Bitcoin and the BitClub Network as an investment please contact Clyde Thorburn on his website.

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