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What Is The Bitcoin BitClub Network All About - Part 7

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The same procedure and payment occurs for each mining pool that you have purchased. Underneath each pool’s calculations you have the option of changing the Repurchase Percentage for each pool. So instead of having a fifty fifty, sixty forty and a seventy thirty percent repurchase rate or percentage for pools one, two and three respectively, you can change the repurchase rate percentage (the default percentage, i.e. fifty sixty or seventy percent) for the pool so that the BitClub Network Company can repurchase that percentage of Bitcoin contracts for you, instead of paying the balance out to you as a commission, for each of the three pools. So you can change your Repurchase Percent as often as you like to any percentage that suits you. The next tab to click at the top of the Bitclub Network home page is the ‘Bitcoin Wallet’ tab that has an amount of Bitcoin highlighted in a beige or orange colour. Here you have your own virtual Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet contains all your commissions, mining payments and any other earnings credited to your account.

You will find a list of detailed transactions in the various tabs shown on the webpage. On this webpage you will see details of the crypto currency balance, crypto currency BTC/USD value, the crypto currency USD value and the earnings summary for each crypto currency. There are nine crypto currencies on this page and each has the detail as described above. Say someone purchased a five hundred dollar mining pool. At the bottom of this webpage all Bitcoin transactions (or the crypto currency you choose) are shown in the table at the exact time they were earned. This includes binary, level up, and all mining pool earnings paid in Bitcoin. You will also see withdrawal requests, credits, and more. You can sort by date range or commission type by using the related form indicated on the webpage. Transparency is obviously critical in the Bitcoin BitClub Network business. The next website you need to go to is Here you will be able to see all the Bitcoin mining and other associated activities and transactions taking place throughout the world. So, completely transparent to all and anyone who is interested in Bitcoin transactions.

Every ten minutes someone in the world is earning a block of ten or twelve Bitcoins and the details on this webpage will show you who the people are who are mining them and the people who are winning or earning them. You will also be able to identify the recent blocks found by Bitclub Network, the dates they were found and the time on that specific day that they were mined or found. So it shows the blocks of Bitcoin that the BitClub Network and all other Bitcoin mining companies, worldwide, have mined. The hashes or transactions are also detailed for each block mined. You can click on all the links within the detail of the blocks mined again and again to get even more information about the specific blocks that were and are mined all over the world. You will also see a pie chart detailing the hash rate distribution for all the companies in the world that are mining Bitcoin. On this pie chart it will also show you the mining pools that have been used to mine the Bitcoins throughout the world by the various BitCoin mining companies. The BitClub Network Company is the fifth biggest company mining Bitcoin in the world. The Blockchain is the open ledger of the BitClub Network business or company, showing all transactions that are taking place in the world. So these webpages and websites attached to the BitClub Network show and prove the transparency of the BitClub Network for everyone in the world to see.

If you want to use Bitcoin and the BitClub Network as an investment please contact Clyde Thorburn on his website.

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